Written by G

16 Dec 2003

My cock stiffens against the chains my mistress has clad me in. The cold steel awakes fear in my stomach because my mistress has ruled that my punishment for speaking out of turn must be swift, just & hard. My better has chained me hand & foot along with neck & cock restraints which prevents me bending. From the neck brace to an overhead beam is another length of chain which prevents me moving sideways or bending. Mistress has dressed me in seamed stockings, hi-heeled shoes, thong & a very short skirt. I am gagged, blindfolded & had a hood placed over my head. My better is here, somewhere….

The silence is painful. Dare I speak? It is for this offence I am being punished now. I wait, knowing retribution will come from the hands I serve. I feel a presence behind me & I know my correction is close at hand. A singular monotone voice whispers in my ear ’who the fuck do you think you are to talk before you are asked?’ My breathing is shallow as I know my mistress is angry. I debate within my confusion to offer a reply but decide against it when miss delivers a blow across my face. The sensation brings the realisation of both the power & pleasure my mistress will gain through my actions. I lower my head to signal my acceptance of her domination.

‘How many times do need to be told of your role here’ my mistress continues. I feel a sharp sting on my buttocks as she vents her anger & frustration. ’Why can’t you ever do as your fucking told?’ she continues to spit in my ear ’I’m going to give you such a beating your going to curse the day you wronged me’ & with that mistress clamped her long, red finger nails into my buttocks. I dare not risk a reaction to the pain as her wrath would only increase at disobeying my silence. The pain in my buttocks subsided as miss gently smacked my stocking tops whilst checking my restraints & chains. I dare not think what will happen if something meets her disapproval. Satisfied that I am secured my superior discreets herself again in silence. I hear the sound of a cigarette being lit & the scent of nicotine fills my nostrils. Mistress is toying with me.

After an eternity a cold voice greets my ears. ‘Bend over’ is my instruction. I panic, if I bend I either choke or rip my penis ‘NOW!!!’ commands my mistress. I bend, the chains encase my neck & pull at my scrotum, the pressure on my cock is immense. I feel miss clasp my scrotum & pull it backward toward my anus. This causes the restraints around my neck to tighten & my now hard cock to increase in girth as it is pulled against its natural standing. A hand takes my cock & is pushed firmly downward between my legs, my balls are pulled further & further toward my arse & the chains around my throat tighten causing me to take short, sharp breaths. The chain above me is taught, its impossible for me to bend further without choking. As my mistress pulls further on my privates then so too does the tension increase on my throat. Either way mistress has evolved my restraints to their maximum potential. Suddenly, without warning mistress commands me to stay, removing her hands from my privates. I am left, head bowed, knees bent & legs apart hanging from a length of chain. Miss gently raises my short skirt leaving my arse exposed. CRACK!!! comes the first blow from her hand, the pain sears on my rump. Again, again & again, each blow becoming harder & harder as she explodes into a tirade of violence on my arse. With each blow comes a tirade of abuse, belittling my uselessness at carrying out the smallest of tasks. Her orgy of brutal ness continues on my legs, back, head & face until mistress is left breathless from her endeavours. 

I sting from the correction I have received but am now happy that it is almost at an end. Mistress was violent tonight, perhaps the most I have known since we have been together. ‘Bend your fucking legs’ miss barks. Shocked, I adhere, miss must be very fucked off with me. I feel the soft strands of leather rising up from my arse to my back as she indicates that now I am to be whipped. ‘Thought it was over did you?’ miss taunted, ‘open those legs & stick that fucking arse out’ Miss again rolled the strands over my arse, carefully allowing then to fall on my anus during their journey. I hear a slight buzzing sound coming from behind me. Slowly miss inserts a wet finger inside my anus, I tense at the sensation but quickly surrender to the delight. I feel a cold, vibration on my anus as miss removes her finger and inserts a small vibrator inside me. Slowly & gently she pushes the toy deep in my arse. ‘Close your legs & bend further’ - I submit & obey. The vibrator is fully inside me with my muscles holding it firmly in place. WHACK!!! the whip finds its mark on my arse. ‘Count the strokes bastard’ miss hisses. I count her pleasure to fifteen long & hard strokes. My arse is stinging from the ongoing physical abuse its receiving yet still the pleasure from the vibrator deep in my arse overrides the pain. Miss stands close behind me, I feel body against mine, her groin area against my arse. Her hands stroke around my sides & arrive at my hard, erect penis. She starts gyrating her hips, rubbing herself against me & thrusting against my arse. Her fingers take my cock & very slowly start wanking me. As her hips gyrate harder against me so does the attention get harder on my cock. Her gyrating now becomes a pumping action against my arse. She is simulating fucking me from behind as she wanks me. ‘Tell me when your coming’ mistress rasps in my ear, her free hand now takes my breast and cups it like a female tit. The rhythm of her pumping action increases on my arse, the steel ring around my cock impedes its hardness as she wanks me harder & harder. I’m coming, I whisper to my mistress, I’m going to come any second. At that all action stops & once again I am left alone, my throbbing cock aches for the final push & my anus is screaming for more action from the vibrator. Neither happens, I am left wanting in my world of darkness & humiliation.

I feel the overhead chain pull, mistress removes me from the beam overhead & my body gratifies by returning to a more normal standing position. I feel a tugging on my head as mistress also removes my hood. The light immediately causes offence to my vision, I squint and focus on the being before me. Dressed in thigh high boots, stockings & a short dress is my better. ‘Kneel‘, my mistress points to the floor. I manage to kneel before her without falling, the cuffs & chains restrict my movements & my heels cancel sudden reactions but still I manage to kneel. Mistress lifts her dress & pulls aside her thong to reveal her shaven pussy. ‘Please me’ she tells as she thrusts her juiced cunt toward my mouth. My tongue finds her shaven lips tasting of the sweetest pussy juice. I delve my tongue between her lips and find her clit rising to my touch. I clasp my lips around her clit and suck very gently while my tongue flicks at her pleasure bud. Mistress clutches my head and thrusts me harder on to her soaking cunt. I ram my tongue into her fanny and begin fucking her. Now she is breathing heavy and motions back and forth to the rhythm of my tongue. Bastard!! She screams, and pushes me violently away. ‘I told you to please me, not make me come. Your totally fucking useless, why can’t you follow simple instructions?…why can’t you do as your told? Useless!!! Totally fucking useless!!!….Mistress slaps me hard around the face causing me to lose balance and topple over. I lay motionless on the floor for actually fearing my Mistress who stands over me glaring. She raises her leather clad foot and gently places her heel on my face. What are you? She asks…..useless I whisper….WHAT ARE YOU? She shouts menacingly bending over me, useless miss I respond not looking her in the eye. The pressure from her heel on my face increases, are you totally fucking useless? She asks…..yes miss, totally miss I offer. & why are you so totally fucking useless? She prompts….because miss said so!! The heel digs deep into my cheek and the pain is searing through my face as I feel the skin break & blood draw to the surface. There! Mistress barks, that’ll give you a reminder for a few days but you know how much I hate mess & seeming as your so fucking useless I’ll even clean it up for you. She places a leg either side of me and stands over me. She pulls aside her thong and parts her pussy lips. My mistress then proceeds to relieve herself over my face. Her piss rains down on me soaking my head & face. Her waste is in my ear, eyes and nose, I try desperately not to allow it enter my mouth but I eventually taste her saltiness on my tongue. This is the first time mistress has indulged in this practice and to see her piss leaving her pussy is such a fucking turn on that my cock grows hard from the vision.

She empties herself over me and commands me to my knees and to bend over. Again, she thrusts the vibrator deep in my arse, spitting on me & swearing at me as she does it. Right you fucker, I’m going to give you something you should have had a long time ago. With that she leaves me on all fours with the vibrator still buzzing deep inside me. I hear lots of movement behind me but I dare not look. Mistress moves my feet and lower legs apart and kneels behind me. She removes the vibrator and I feel something a lot bigger at the entrance of my anus. I manage to look beneath me and see that mistress has a new strap on cock attached and about to enter me. My cock hardens even more as this latex cock enters my arse, stretching me to my very limit. The pain is massive, but the pleasure is overwhelming as mistress pushes deeper and deeper inside me. Soon the whole thing is inside me and mistress starts moving back and forth, fucking me slowly with her cock. I reach between my legs and up to her pussy. She sighs as I find her pussy and clit and begin massaging her slowly. Mistress reaches round and takes my rock hard cock in her hand and begins wanking me. Mistress now fucks me harder, I raise my behind to offer myself to her want. She wanks my cock harder & faster as I ram my fingers deep into her soaking cunt. 'Fuck, I'm coming' she breaths, she rams her cock faster & harder deep into my belly as she matches my thrusting fingers, her hands furiously working my cock. She comes with a massive jerking & shuddering, her motion inside my arse ceases as her body adjusts. She removes her attachment from inside me & slides head first between my legs. Lifting her head she engulfs my hard cock in her mouth, deep into her mouth, her hands working my cock, wanking me as her tongue darts around my cock. 'Let me swallow you' she says....'give me every drop'....she wanks me, she wanks me hard into her warm wet mouth & my spunk shoots, deep against the back of her throat. She milks me of every drop, slowly bringing every drip from the bottom of my toes. She slides up to kiss me, her mouth still full of my hot spunk & shares her spoils as she kisses me, her spunk coated tongue filling the back of my throat forcing me to swallow my own produce.