Written by Lady Jane

14 Dec 2006

I dunno what it is about me, whether its my caring nature and my belief in sharing what I have but Ive always been attracted to underdogs. I am 40, very attractive, in fact I could have my pick of the blokes and very often do. I am at the top of my profession and earn more than most of the men I know. I'm a girl that's used to having the best and never look at the price of anything.

Last night I went to my Christmas party held at a Greek Restaurant in Wolverhampton. The champagne was flowing as the business was picking up the tab and after swirling round the dance floor to 'Zorba' I suddenly felt very hot indeed. I needed some air and stepped outside the restaurant to feel the coolness of the night on my skin. I wandered a little way down the street looking in the shop windows when I caught sight of a man taking a piss down an alleyway. I stood there mesmerised as he had the most enormous cock I'd ever seen. He saw me looking and I quickly looked the other way but couldnt help myself as I tuned back to take another look. He made sure I copped an eyeful as he shook the drops of piss off his cock and he casually asked me if I'd got a light. I rooted round in my hand bag and then I lit his hand rolled ciggie as I dragged on my silk cut.

He was unshaven and stunk of stale sweat and beer. Underneath the bad clothes and greasy hair I could see he had lovely brown eyes and I became strangely drawn to him. I made a joke about him catching me looking as his old man and he laughed. With that he ran his grubby finger down my cleavage and I did nothing to stop him. I'd given him the green light and with that he grabbed my hand and told me to follow him. My heart was pounding as a few seconds later we were round the back of the shops in an open porch. He kissed me hard and the stubble scratched my face but I responded by sticking my tongue in his mouth. Next thing his hand was scrabbling round in my knickers and his fingers were pushing inside my wet vagina. It hurt but it was also so pleasureable that I didnt want him to stop. Then he dropped to his knees and his stubbly chin was chafing my thighs as he sucked the life out of my well groomed minge. I reached for his cock and could feel it was rock hard and massive. He was wearing tired old sweat pants and no undies and as I yanked then down his cock literally sprang out at me. My God it was huge. I knelt down and took it to my mouth. It hadnt been washed for a while and the fishy smell nearly knocked me out but I didnt care, I needed a fuck and this man was going to supply it. First though, I had pleasure him to the max to make sure I got the fuck I needed. I busily slid it in and out of my mouth, running my tongue around the big bell end, tasting the little salty pre cum. I stopped and stood up. The only way to get a proper fuck for me is doggy so I turned my back on him, hitched up my dress and bent over, exposing my areshole and pussy. He entered me and pushed his cock right up to the hilt. Grabbing my hips he pushed in deeper and deeper, I was in heaven and could feel my juices getting cold as they ran down my legs. He was stretching my pussy e and I could feel the bellend on pushing my cervix deep inside. My legs gave way as I came and he filled my pussy with his spunk. We stayed there for what seemed like hours but was in fact only about a minute. I said I had to get back as people would be wondering where I was. That was that. When I walked back into the party, no one had a clue what had just happened and I sat there thinking about it. I gave myself another three orgasms that night thinking of the dirty bastard no hoper who got lucky with me, a bit of class. What a filthy bitch I am.