Written by a Happy Elf

22 Dec 2004

My wife had gone visiting family to distribute presents and I decided to have a relaxing bath and chill.I was lounging in the bath soaping myself well, paying natural attention to my cock and balls, very enjoyable. I heard load music outside and thought nothing of it but then the load knocking at the door started, it was the local charity callers. I ignored th knocking and carried on pleasing myself, I have started shaving my balls, my wife is not that keen but I love the feeling, anyway I shaved them in the bath.I was getting dry when there was another load knocking at the door. I put on my dressing gown and went to the door. HO HO Ho I was greeted by Santa, I went to get some change and he stepped into the hall. I put the money in his box and he jokingly asked what I would like for christmas.A right good sex session I replied, laughing.OK he said I will see what I can do! As he turned to the door he said, what sort of thing do you like? Oral I replied like all men!!MMM he thought and said OK I can arrange to do that.He looked me straight in the eyes and said, but you will have to go first.I stood there slightly shocked but also aroused.Well he said on your knees for Santa, I dropped in front of him and he opened his clock to reveal just black silk boxers.I started to stroke his bulge, it felt big, this was the first time I had ever held another mans cock.I eased them down and out it sprang, it was about eight inches long uncut and very fat, his balls were big as well and felt nice to rub.I started to lick the end and eased back his foreskin, as I squeezed his cock the bell end became engourged and a deep red colour. I took it in my mouth, the first time ever and it felt huge. I began to rock on his cock as he thrust it deep into my throat.I was loving the taste of his precum.He held my head firm and began to fuck my mouth harder and harder.I could feel his cock start to twitch, I knew he was about to cum, and boy did he cum, I swallowed eargerly. I continued to suck as he fucked my mouth until every drop had been swallowed.Without saying a word,hepulled me up and dropped to his knees in front of me.My gown was released and I stood naked in front of a completed stranger.He began to suck my cock and commented that my balls felt nice and smooth as he rubbed them.It was not long before my cum was on the rise, but he stopped and said not yet! He took my balls in his mouth and sucked them- it felt fantastic.I want to fuck your mouth I shouted- he stopped sucking and took my full length in his mouth and boy could he suck!I fucked his mouth and I felt the sensation of the cum rising deep in my balls and shot it deep into him. Wow he continued to suck and rub my balls. He then simply stood up wiped his mouth and was gone!! I was left standing naked in my hallway, feeling very satisfied. Roll on next christmas!!