Written by Rosie

10 Apr 2006

I thought I should relate how I was fucked for the first time, leading to me now loving to be a plaything for dominant men and couples.

I started dressing in my mother's clothes when I was about 10. Since then I have gradually collected my own clothes, thrown them away several times and each time after about 6 months gone back to dressing completely as a female. Gradually, the need to meet others when dressed compelled me to go out to specialist clubs. It didn't take long before an assertive guy got me excited one night, kissed me and then got me to suck him. I found it really exciting, just to do what I was told and to swallow his cum.

Then I went to a TV/admirers evening in Coventry, and met a really nice guy over a drink. I was wearing a very tight, shiny satin pink skirt, black stockings and suspenders and thong, 5" strappy 'fuck me' sandals, a lacy see thru top with my black and red bra and silicone tits thrusting out. I had on lots of jewellery and make-up, and felt very sexy. Soon, he had his hand on my thigh, telling me he loved the feeling of suspenders and stocking tops. He persuaded me to go to one of the play areas - by now I didn't need much persuasion. There he kissed me and fondled me, and put his hand up my skirt. Pushing me down on to a low seat so that my stocking tops were on show, he pulled out a lovely long and thick cock, grabbed my head and told me in a very authoritative tone to 'suck it you slut'. The way he did this gave me a sudden thrill inside, and I sucked him as well as I could to his moans of approval. Two others came over to watch and to fondle me, and wipe their cocks on my face. This went on for a while, when suddenly Tom, the first man, pulled me up, saying 'lets take the bitch outside'. I thrilled at the words and wobbled out with them on shaky legs, both arms held at my sides and my skirt rucked up. One of the others asked Tom if I was a pro, because I was wearing an ankle chain on my right leg, and toe rings. The thought made me even more excited, and I knew I would do anything at that moment to please them. Without any more words, I was bent over the bonnet of a car, skirt pulled up, thong to one side and I was fucked - long, hard and gloriously, with lots of cries of slut! and give the whore a full load, etc! When Tom came in me and I felt his hot cum filling my belly, he roughly pulled me round and made me lick him clean, as the next one took his turn. He was smaller, and didn't take long, but he pulled out and came all over my stockings and legs, to roars of approval from the other two. The last one also fucked me, but pulled out and made me suck him, before cumming on my face and blouse. At this point I was lost in a passion of my own, and dimly heard myself begging them to do me again. Tom had recovered enough to fuck me again, this time with me on my back and my legs held up by my ears, before spraying another load all over my belly and suspender belt. They humiliated me by making me walk back in to the club with cum on my face and seeping through from underneath my skirt, laughing as they told several others how they had fucked the cum slut silly. I cleaned up in the toilet and eventually, after saying goodbye to my lovers, went home.

Since then, I have become a complete cum slut.