Written by osprey1

15 Nov 2003

Here is a story received from a married male friend of mine who lives in the South

and drives a tanker for a living. There are obvious bonusses. This story from him

describes a casual pickup at a layby - no involvement - no names - and exceptional

sex. Tell me what you think!!

'Anyway, I was parked up in my usual layby one night when a white Toyota sports job

pulled up in front of my cab and then reversed back to about 3 feet from my front

bumper. This I thought looked promising as I could see right inside the car from my

cab. I flashed my interior light on and off and the interior light came on inside the

car, it appeared to be a female ( a posibility, remembering that a lot of tv's go there

as well ! ) she started brushing her hair, long blonde and I started to become excited

as well as hard. She then raised her left leg up over towards the passenger side and

started to run her hands up and down her leg. That was enough for me, I got out of

my cab and walked up to her passenger door and stood alongside it, looking in and

strokink my cock through my trousers, I never wear undies so my trousers had a good

bulge in front. She leant across and opened the door and asked me if I was getting in,

enough said, I got in immediately. I looked at her properly for the first time now and

you could tell by her features that she was a real woman. She had long curly blonde

hair and wearing a black lacy top with no bra underneath, exposing a lovely pair of

breasts, a black micro-mini skirt revealing stocking tops and a hint of white flesh with

a pair of 4" high heeled stilleto shoes on. I knew exactly what she wanted but just to

be polite, (lying bastard !), I asked her if she was looking for anything in particular to

which she replied, as she squeezed my cock, I want this.

She then got my cock out and gave me a blow job, stopping just short of me coming.

She then sat up and started the engine and said that she wanted me to fuck her

outside in the open in a little spot she knew. I was in 7th heaven, I thought my

birthday had come early. When we arrived at her spot, we both got out of the car and

started kissing each other and licking, undressing as we did so. She got a blanket out

of the car and we laid on it, now with me competely naked and her in just stockings

and high heels we spent the next half hour or so with our tongues inside each other

as well as our fingers and my cock. She came about 5 times, shaking violently and

screaming obscenities out loud as she did so. After I shot my spunk deep inside her

cunt, she sucked me off licking all her juices off me. We dressed and as we drove

back to my truck she told me that she was married to a guy in the Navy who was

away at the time and what he doesn't know about doesn't hurt him. She refused to

give me her phone number though as she doesn't want any men phoning her in case

hubby is home, but if she saw me again, she would stop again.

She was only about 25/26 and was absolutely adamant that she wanted my cock

without a condom, she said that she was on the pill and that can take care of that

while she gets the real thing. I wish their were more like her around.'

The contributor would love to hear from any similar ladies in the NW!!