Written by andy m

9 Oct 2004

my wife's best friend (I'll call her K) and I have wanted to get it on for years - but have never managed to up until now. The best we've managed was a few drunken fumbles after her 40th birthday party. Little did I know that when it finally happened, a) my wife (I'll call her D)would instigate it, and b) she'd be fully involved!

To set the scene - K is tall and slim, naturally blonde, a perfect figure, small tits with an ass to die for! My wife D is shorter, not as slim but still lovely, with the most amazing tits and nipples. They're only average size, but one of her party pieces is sucking her own nipples (very big & responsive) which always drives me wild! I'm sure she could make a good living doing it.

Anyway, D and I went to stay at K's house for the weekend - K's husband had been away working for a couple of weeks and she needed some company. The usual - the three of us went out for a meal, and returned home pleasantly tipsy. K and I had been mildly flirting all evening, but as that always happened I didn't read anything into it.

We got back to the house, and the girls opened some more wine and sat on the sofa opposite me. The talk was full of innuendo etc, and K started complaining that with her husband B being away, she was feeling really horny and dying to be fucked. Turning to D, she asked if she could borrow me for a while! Now, I had been sloching more and more in the chair, but I suddenly perked up at this (in more ways than one). D laughed and said she knew we'd wanted to for years, so why not now with her watching? With that she seemed to take full control. Ordering K to get naked (she didn't need asking twice) , she slipped over to me and felt my bulge. Now, unlike some of your fantasists on here I don't pretend to be well-endowed, but let me tell you my 6" had never been as hard....

With me still lying in the chair, she undid my shirt and jeans. K meanwhile had removed hers in double-quick time, and was now lying back on the sofa stroking herself. I'd so often fantasised about the look of that blonde pussy and there it was...

D asked me to get up and, wanking me all the while, asked both of us in turn if we liked what we saw - I think the look on our faces said it all. She then started to strip, and K let out a gasp when she saw D's lovely tits. I'd always thought K was slightly bi but I'm not sure about my wife?

God, I was in danger of coming there and then - and I'm normally quite a long stayer. Still standing, with D moving behind me all the while rubbing her tits into my back and reaching underneath to cup my balls, K got up and sashayed over to us - god she was gorgeous - (both girls have kept their figures despite being over 40 with 3 kids apiece) and kissed me long and hard. I normally like plenty of foreplay but D had other ideas. Clasping us together, she gently turned us round so K had her back to the chair. Reaching round for my cock, she began rubbing it all over K's wet slit. Jesus! In a low voice she told me to fuck K now. Kneeling on the floor, I gently slid it in all the way. We both went at it hammer and tongs for what seemed like ages (but probably wasn't) but what sent K over the edge was D clambering on the sofa beside her, and sucking each of her own tits in turn while diddling her clit ---- K started rubbing hers and this together with my cock pistoning inside her sent her into a howling orgasm just as D came too - it was fucking wonderful and I wish I could have video'd it!

I'd fantasised for 12 years about K's arse, and new I had to take her from behind. I pulled out of her flooded snatch and manhandled her onto her hands and knees - that arse that could grace any porno was there and waiting - I just sat back and looked at it in wonder...my reverie was broken by both girls saying in unison "what are you waiting for - fuck me/her" - so I did. K played with herself and came noisily again, and I was on the brink at the sight, especially as my beautiful wife was now laying on the sofa next to us with a gleam in her eye and her fingers in her pussy. Knowing I was coming, I withdrew - K flopped onto the sofa but D moved to suck me - before she could I came everywhere - all over D's face, neck and tits. I can't remember ever coming so hard or so much - she seemed drowned in it.

K fetched her a towel and, with all of us laughing, wiped her down. She thanked D for the loan and they briefly kissed. I'd like to say we then had an all-night three-way session with lots of girl-on girl - but no. After clearing up, D and I went to bed, K went off to hers. Whilst in bed though D whispered she might have to fuck K's husband in a return match - I'd always fancied seeing another guys reaction when she performs her party piece but I'll save that for next time.........