Written by Lushlegs

31 Dec 2004

Until a few years ago I had only been Bi oral with all the misgivings and self-disgust that you might expect from an outwardly looking normal male. Gradually I overcame these barriers wanting more and more cock fun whilst still fucking and providing for my girlfriend with whom I still live.

As I developed my Bi side I also became an accomplished and very attractive TV with long fem legs(no knobbly knees or masculine muscles) and a curvy arse completely shaven and well tanned.(Readers may care to look at gallery 43/7 on the transformation site...our visitors).

However until the end of this parable I had never had a cock in my arse and simply had to practice with various dildoes and vibrators.

I am a general builder, mostly domestic work and during the summer of 2002 I took on a full bathroom/seperate W.C. conversion for a single guy Chris in his mid-early forties an office walla for.........?. First week was hum-drum, rip out, lowered ceiling, old tanks out etc etc. 2nd week I was by my self as my labourer went on holiday. Sadly when working alone in a customers house I tend to have a nasty habit of poking around the bedroom(s) looking under the mattrass, bedside tables, or lower wardrobe looking to see what if any porn/sex toys that particular customer may possess.Chris did not disappoint. Amongst a pile of escort's, extremes etc there was several amereican gay mags and TV sissy. Bliss I thought, he must be Bi or Bi-curious particularly since there's no sign of a girl in this house.

Thoughts running wild that day so not much productivity but lots of planning!!!!!!.The next day, and as usual, Chris came home from work, called up the stairs to ask of progress and offer a cold drink before changing to seek the late afternoon sun and tend his manicured garden.As usual he climbed the stairs clutching a cold can but today I had planned to wear less than my shorts and tee-shirt. I deliberately removed my under-wear/tee-shirt so that I only had on my riggers and shorts at half mast showing my arse crack whilst on all fours I pretended to to pulling a cable under the floor. Without facing Chris I detected a hint of surprise as he entered the room saying I'll be finished this bit shortly so to put the beer down next to the door. He muttered something about going to change andleft allowing me to loosen the draw cord on my shorts. When he reappeared and still on all fours I explained that I couldn't quite get the cable through the joists and pretended to struggle. Chris sat on the redundant bath whilst I knew his arms had moved from his sides near to or on his crotch. I knew that the air was tense and with every little movement and wiggle as I struggled with the non-existant cable, my shorts would drop slightly to display typical builders bum.He attempted to chat about the job but I could detect a slight tremble in his voice.Then finally he said " why do you shave your legs"? to which I replied " Its the new thing on the Med beaches and the likes of Michael Owen and some of the England Cricket team do the same". Then the spark I knew was going to come...." Are you shaved all over...to which I responded "well have a look forself" so I got up, dropped my shorts and he gasped with surprise and joy. Like a wild animal he took my cock in his mouth and gobbled and lapped away like a thirsty dog and since I'd had a semi on all day I shot my load to the back of his throat in seconds. God it was glorious,he played with some of my cum around his lips and embraced me deep french kissing sharing my cum. Despite having shot my load, I was eager to kiss and feel his hot sweaty body and soon moved down to his cock. But "No" he said....just wait a little.......you really are a jack of all trades, is there anything you don't do? to which I responded I don't do large areas of plastering and I've never had a cock in my arse. Can You stay a while to which he left the bathroom and I heard a telephone call along the lines of " Ray we have a new friend, can you come up now?". I realised that my dreams of a threesome and perhaps my anal cherry might be snatched so quickly washed as best I could whilst stuffing a wooden pointing trowel handle up my arse with loads of spit to ream myself out as I had done many times before.Amidst this Chris came back to the door announcing that his friend Ray was going to appear shortly and that I might get what wanted for so long.

We adjourned to the living room with blinds drawn, Chris was naked by now but strangely I still had my rigger boots on. Cold beers served and disinteresting idle chat but because I knew I was going to get paid for the job, I took a liberty and raised my knees to my chest and started fingering my hole and wanking myself to hardness again. The friend Ray soon turned up but what a specimen,... not very attractive, short and bald but with a pleasing smile.

I had to and did make it clear that I had never been in this situation before but that I couln,t help my self. "Both of you" I shouted "Ineed to be spanked and fucked now" to which both Ray and Chris told me to get on all fours. I'm not sure which hand tanned my gorgeous arse but my mouth was filled with cock at the same time. With the blinds drawn it was near darkness and over the next half our I was never without a cock in my mouth and arse and briefly an arse to rim. Despite the tales on this site there was no pain.Chris and Rays cocks weren't the monsters that we all read about.After the very brief entry pain and what must have been KY, I thought to myself now I know why women like to get fucked. Both Chris and Ray came inside me and with my semi-hardon dangling they both made me lick their cocks clean.

The next half half our was spent with me fingering cum from my arse and licking it off with Ray taking photos. I virtually begged the pair of them to repeat the performance offering to do anything they wanted but they refused saying all in good time. I eventually cleaned up, went home and turned up for work the next morning without a word being said. However once the job was finished the three of us have continued a regular meet with me being mostly sub and hear this readers, twice I have had two cocks in my arse at once although prep is important.

If any of you can string together a short but imaginative parable of your first Bi anal experience then I will send a collage of sample photos. Also any Newcastle Bi guys (not gays) are free to use me as they please xxx