Written by Martin

22 Apr 2004

I nervously arranged a meeting with ??? after advertising on swinging heaven. As I my advert stated I am totally inexperienced M2M but ever since my wife used her strapon on me I have had the urge to feel a real cock & cum in my arse. ??? assures me that he is experienced and will show me the ropes.

I arrive at the address he gave me at about 2pm & after waiting a while I build up the courage to knock at the door. ??? answers dressed in a bathrobe, he is mid 50's as his email had said and his pleasant nature takes away some of my nerves. As he stands there I can see the outline of his already hard cock through the bathrobe - he is naked underneath & obviously anticipting taking my bi-cherry. I can imagine that for a 50+ year old guy, the thought of breaking in a nervous 30 year old virgin is seriously exciting.

I comment on his hard on & he moves the robe to one side to show me his cock in all it's glory. It's the 1st time I have ever sen someone else's hard cock & although it's not as big as mine I know that I really want that cock!!! I had just come from a meeting so I am still in my work clothes - I need a shower. ??? suggests that to break the ice I take a shower upstairs while he watches.

So we go upstairs, my cock throbbing as I walk into the bathroom knowing that I am about to undress in front of this guy and he is going to see my hard cock for the first time. ??? watches as I slowly & rather clumsily take off my clothes - I am trembling, I can barely stand up. My cock springs out as I remove my underwear and I can see ???'s eyes light up - he still just watches.

I get into the shower & just stand there for a minute or 2. ??? passes me the shampoo & still watches. I lather my wet hair & then put my head under the shower & rinse. ???'s timing is perfect - my eyes are closed as I rinse & then I feel a wonderfully relieving stroking on my hard cock. I look down and ??? is soaping by cock & balls slowly he lathers my genital region & then parts my legs slightly. He moves aroun to my buttocks with his left hand while still lathering my cock & balls I know what's comming & I can't wait his hand moves down to the crack of my arse and gently starts to lather my arse hole - I have to get out of that shower I can barely stand up!!!

??? lets me rinse off & then guides me to a bedroom, I dry myself partially but he pushes me onto the bed - he can't wait any longer. As I lie on my back he takes off his robe his cock is hard he needs to cum now! He climbs onto the bed and over me until he is on all fours with his cock above my mouth - I've never done this before, ??? just tells me to open my mouth and guides his cock into my mouth. I can't believe how smooth it feels & clumsily lick the cock in my now closed mouth as my hand comes up to meet his tight balls. ??? is groaning and tells me to suck - before I get a chance his cum explodes into my mouth - no warning (if I had warning I would have taken his throbbing cock out of my mouth. I can't believe that I have a mouth ful of cum!! ??? shudders again and another jet of his cum fills my mouth - I have no choice I have to swallow the load that I have in my mouth. He makes me suck, harder & harder and I can feel the cum that's left in him enetering my mouth - I've done it now so I may as well swallow the rest!

??? Leans forward & collapses onto the bed with a sigh. After 2 or 3 minutes uncomfortable silence I need to cum so start to stroke my hard cock - I have never had a hardon like this before. ??? tells me to stop - he wants my cum. I am still lying on my back he stands up on the bed & straddles me above my head, I can see his soft cock for the first time dangling between his legs his balls are now much bigger than his cock. I can see the crack of his arse open as he squats over my face & lowers his arse onto my mouth. ??? orders me to lick his arse - I oblige. As I do this he leans forward and takes my cock into his mouth & squeezes my balls hard. I stop myself exploding there & then - this is too good not to make it last!!! I have never ever been sucked this hard. As he sucks & strokes me he lifts my legs up so that he has access to my arse - he probes me first around the rim, then he inserts one finger, then another - he tried to get a third in but it's too much. He takes his fingers out and inserts his thumb into my arse - he is still sucking like a hoover. I ram my tongle as far up his arse as I can he groans & suck harder as he fucks my arse with his thumb - I can't hold on any longer & explode into his mouth. I come so hard it hurts he carries on sucking & fucking me with his thumb - is he ever going to stop - I realise I am still in orgasm I'm shaking the sucking stops and I feel my cock being gently stroked - I am spent, I couldn't stand up if I tried - I need to rest.

??? stands up I notice that his cock is now hard as a rock again. He goes to the bathroom & I can hear him taking a piss. When he gets back I still hven't moved - he stands there for a while admiring his handy work then lifts my legs so that my arse is off the bed and licks my hole. His tongue is probing to my arse as he licks me - I can feel my arse getting wetter - I know whats coming next. My eyes are closed but I know he is about to add lubrication to his own saliva - the cold lube shocks me into opening my eyes. ??? smiles & say sorry at the same time he is slowly slide his fingers in and out of my hole (I don't know how many - don't care either it feels good).

His fingers leave my arse - as he stands I can see his cock is now hard again. He grabs my weakened/limp body and throws me onto all fours. I spread my legs to show my willing arse hole. I expect him to slide into me slowly - he doesn't need to! I am well lubricated and he thrust into me to his hilt and I feel his balls hit mine.

??? warns me that he isn't going to cum quickly this time - I beg him not to cum for ages, fuck me, fuck me this feels so good. ??? wasn't lying he didn't come for ages he turned me around several time so that he could see my face while he was fucking me - everytime he took his cock out of my arse I beg him to put it back my arse spasm's & the feeling of him re-inserting his cock is amazing. I can feel my hole involuntarily gripping the shaft of his cock he continues to thrust, I can see his face start to redden, this time I have warning. ??? tells me he is about to cum and I use my lags to pull him closer - he explodes & then falls onto me. I feel his cum inside me, his cock is still there but I can feel it shrinking. I am happy!!

??? takes his cock out of me and I can feel cum oozing out of my hole - it's amazing.

??? asks me if it was good - I tell him it was mindblowingly good but he didn't lick my nipples, which is something I really like.??? replies "but I haven't finished with you yet............."