Written by J

8 Feb 2005

I've been advertising on and off the SH site for quite a while and have enjoyed some successful meets and others not so good, but thourght i would tell you breifly about a meet back in September for my first bi fun get together.

Having been bi curious for a while i thourght it was time to discover this side of me more, like so many guys i always wanted to know what it was like to suck cock. Having intially advertised for a couple with a bi male for fun i ended up arranging to meet a guy called Tim for some outdoor beach fun as we were both naturists and could meet at a time suitable to both of us.

As nuturists we were both comfortable with our nudity together and found a secluded place amongst the dunes to play. Laying our beach towls down we sat down facing each other and played with our own cocks for quite sometime while watching each other masturbate ourselves to full erections. Tim laid back on his towl and i took a another mans cock in my hand for the first time stroking Tims length and kneeding his swollen balls, but taking Tims hard length into my mouth for the first time and sucking and licking on that swallen head of his was a fantasy fullfilled. When Tim took my cock to his mouth i knew i would want more bi experiences in future.

We sucked and licked each other for sometime, it was such good fun and we were both enjoying it.

Tim chose not to suck my cock off to completion in his mouth but rather watch me stream my warm pearly white beads of cum over my stomach and smooth chest while i laid back and he wanked me to my hard and fast ejaculation. I've never been so aroused or had such a powerful ejaculation for a long time with streams of sperm reaching my neck.

I wanted to taste semen so i just enjoyed licking, sucking and feasting on Tims cock while stroking his balls. It was fantastic when he came, Tim called to me that he was coming and i felt his big cock head swell in my mouth before his initial powerful ejaculate filled my mouth. Withdrawing his penis from my mouth he sprayed my face and open willing mouth with his spunk. I love the taste of semen.

To any guys out there who may'be bi curious give it a go. I'm glad i did.

I have since had an all male wank and suck threesome and a foresome which was mind blowing and will be trying to organise more in the future.