Written by Steve

29 Dec 2004

My wife and I have been keen naturists for some time, visiting a local nudist beach whenever we can both skip off work in the summer. One day, she had to go up north for a meeting so I decided to go to the beach anyway. I arrived fairly early so had a good spot in the shelter of a couple of small dunes. I undressed and set up my towel, oiled myself up and settled down for a relaxing day in the sun, minding my own business.

After a couple of hours dozing, having a swim and watching for who else was around, I noticed a lad of about 23 nearby. He had blonde hair, nicely defined body and a tan which showed he wasn't new to naturism. I'm 36 with not a bad shape, but had never considered myself bi. However, after spotting him out of the corner of my eye watching me and obviously waiting for me to look in his direction, I started to feel aroused. I have an 8" cock, uncut and quite thick, so when it starts to rise then it's difficult to hide! I immediately turned over on to my stomach.

My mind was racing with all kind of thoughts and not at all sure how to react. Eventually I thought, "What the hell" and looked over at him. He smiled at me so I smiled back. With the way he was facing, his front was hidden from others on the beach and he reached down and stroked his cock. I shifted my position just enough for him to see that I had a semi, then smiled at him again.

He got up, took his towel and came over to where I was lying. We introduced ourselves and he lay down on his side a couple of feet from me, hiding us both from viewing eyes. I could now see he had about a 7" cock, cut and with a large head. By this time I was rock hard and feeling very horny. For the first time, I wanted to hold a cock, wank it, suck it and have a guy shoot his spunk over me.

After chatting for a few minutes and covertly touching each other's cocks, he suggested we find somewhere more private. While I collected my belongings and pulled my shorts on, he slipped on a pair of speedos and told me to follow him. We ended up in some trees at the back of the beach where we were hidden from view. I spread out my towel again, took my shorts off and we lay down, running our hands over each other. I played with his cock through his speedos until he slid them off and I gripped his whole shaft, wanking him. He changed position so we could suck each other and I couldn't believe the feelings running through me.

He started to moan and push his hips into me, his cock reaching to the back of my throat. I pulled my head back and wanked him faster, feeling myself reaching the edge. Suddenly, his cock erupted jets of warm spunk all over my face. This did it for me and I exploded into his mouth, spasms going on for ages. He swallowed every drop and I licked his cock clean, tasting some of his cum.

After cleaning ourselves off, we walked back to the car park together and I dropped him at the bus station. I never told my wife about that day but have repeated the experience several times since. Maybe one day I'll pursuade her to make a 3some!