Written by Angie

29 Aug 2003

My name is Angie, and I want to tell you about my first day at work. I was just 18, out of school and my father had arranged a job for me waiting in a cafe owned by one of his drinking mates, Andros. I had to wear a white blouse that was altogether too tight for my blossoming bust, and a tiny black skirt that showed far too much when I bent forward. Andros had gone out on business, and I was left alone with three customers, bikers that I recognised from my school 2 years earlier. I went to their table to take their order, when to my suprise I saw that all 3 had their trousers open and were handling their stiffening cocks. One of them dropped a spoon on the floor, and as I bent to pick it up, I found my face level with his swelling manhood. I dont know what possessed me, but seeing some glistening pre-cum on it's tip, I bent forward and gave it a little lick.

With that, 2 of them grabbed me and held me face down on the table. I felt my legs being pulled apart, and my panties ripped from me. The other biker grabbed a large pepper grinder from the table, and as I watched he squirted red sauce all over the round end. He passed it to one of the others and told him to use it on me. I felt the pepper pot being pressed against my pussy lips, and although it was quite a size, the combination of the red sauce and my juices soon had it entering deep inside of me.

The first biker then took my ripped panties and dressed his erect cock with them, and pushing it towards my face, ordered me to suck him through my panties. He must have been very excited, because with no more than a minute of my eager sucking, he groaned and came inside my knicks.

He then removed them from his cock, turned them inside out and smeared his cum all over my face. The other two who had been wanking hard while servicing me with the pepper pot, then shot their loads over the back of my head.

Finally, they pointed their cocks at me, and relieved themselves over my pink buttocks, zipped themselves up, and left.

I was in quite a state as you can imagine, and as I looked up, I saw Andros standing there, with his trousers undone, and sporting a small but very thick cock. He moved to the door, locked it, and put up the closed sign, and I realised that I was going to get desserts.