Written by sgb

3 Dec 2003

my wife and i had got all dressed up for our 1st night at a swinging club , on the way there we had a couple of drinks t relax as we were nervouse as hell , unfortunately when we got to the club it was closed , maybe we got the dates mixd up , anywho , my wife looked stunning and i suggested we try out dogging this too was our 1st time , we arrived at a localsite and were really shocked to find about 6 ? 7 cars driving round , m y wife wanted to have a wee , so she got ouyt and in the highest heels i have ever seen started to wee, out of knowere came a bloke walking toward us wanking , we were both really shocked , daft i know considering were we were , so we went for it on went our indoor light , and i was given the best blow job , as this was going on about 3 blokes were standing wanking like mad it was truly amazing , then with my wifes legs wide apart on the dash shehad lovely stockings on and these great heels i brought here to a shuddering climax , behind us a police car had just driven past, one of thewatchers had nbeeped to warn us , i spoke tohim to ask why we werent arrested ?? ,he was very nice it was really strange talking to a sranger who we had just put onashow for anyhow we said our goodnights and after my wife brought hereself off one more time for our little gang we left , if i had seen all this i would have been well turned on , so ther it is it really exists , we had areal good night .