Written by sensious

24 Oct 2003

I meet you at the car park, it is a warm night, you are in a long flowing dress, and the tightness of the material around your breasts is restricting your nipples. Making them hard and as they protrude forwards, jutting out from the material like two rocks jutting out from the sea hard and firm. The material is light and see through and the light from behind you shows that you have a very small thong covering the mound between your legs, such long legs. I move forward towards your expecting body, my hard penis pushing out from the tight jeans I have on. Your eyes move down my body and stare at the tightness of the trousers and the growing shape of my manhood. We come together and introduce ourselves, although we both knew whom we were by the photo’s we had exchanged, intimate photo’s of our bodies draped and undraped. The expectation of touching and feeling each other’s bodies, now uppermost in our minds. I gently rub myself against you, both of us feeling each other’s bodies the warmth of our genitals felt through our clothes. I kiss your neck lingering on the part just below your ear, gently sucking the skin in and out, then progressing up towards your ear lobe sucking on the lobe and flicking my tongue into your inner ear. Your hands caress the cheeks of my tight arse pulling me tightly into you grinding your pelvis into me, which only increases the firmness of my cock now straining at the material of my trousers trying to escape in connect with the material of your dress. My hands cup the roundness of your bottom and massage your cheeks, gently pulling them apart then pushing them back together. This opens and closes the entrance to your fanny and arse letting the moisture run down through the lips guarding the entrance to your now moist fanny and into the gusset of your thong. The hot liquid of your body is lubricating all the area of your genitals. We move towards the picnic bench, in the grassy area near to the car park, knowing that shortly we will each be exploring the others body for the first time. I lay you on the bench, with your legs dangling over the edge. Your fanny resting on the edge of the slats, my groin pushing into you urging the juices to flow even faster, your thong cannot now retain the amount of liquid flowing from your fanny and the excess starts dribbling down your legs. I raise your abdomen and gently pull at the elastic holding your thong up and tug it down over your thighs down over your knees and off your feet. I bring the gusset up to my mouth and nose breathing in the smell of your fanny juices, flicking my tongue over the gusset and tasting your juices. My cock is now straining to be released, and as I undo the zip it bursts forward pushing towards your groin, my jeans now down by my ankles. As I thrust the 8 inches towards your fanny, the fabric now is the only thing that divides us. My cock hits your clit and you let out an expectant moan as we rub our genitals together for the first time. The rigid penis thrusting into your pubic bone, the material of your dress getting wetter and wetter with your now overflowing juices, and the pre cum of my cock, both our juices mixing together through your dress in a explosion of scent that invades our nostrils. Sex is in the air and our bodies need each other, to explode with each other in a climax, which has been rising ever since we decided to meet. I unveil your body for the first time and look at the sight which meets my gaze, moving my eyes up over your body till they rest on the mound now wet and lubricated in front of me. I slowly move my head towards the mound and smell the juices licking them from off your legs up towards the lips, expectantly waiting for the touch of my tongue and hands caressing them sucking them and massaging them. I wait for a second, which seems like an eternity to you before I touch your fanny for the first time laid out before me. My fingers gently rub and explore your lips, parting them seeing the beautiful entrance to your vaginal tunnel with the pink outer entrance glistening in the fading light. I move my head towards that entrance and plunge my tongue into it as far as I can just short of stroking the g spot, your muscles tighten and your back arches as I do so, with the first ripples of pleasure running through your body. Faster and faster I plunge in and out in and out, faster and faster the rising waves of an orgasm building inside you, Your legs spreading further and further apart, letting me get as close to you as I can. There is no gap between us now, only my tongue pushing in and out faster and faster, as the first explosion hits you, your muscles quivering with spasm after spasm of pleasure.