Written by Alan

13 Feb 2004

I have been coming on this site for about 6 weeks now and I must confess that I haven't replied to too many ad's due to either distance, not fancying the situation or maybe just lethargy!! I also haven't had too many replies as, although I don't look like the result of a bad car smash, through my lack of technical knowledge I can't put a photo on my ad!! Anyway, I digress, I saw an ad around three weeks ago from a guy who had a hot girlfriend that he wanted to share! Not only that, they lived in South Yorkshire, which is only around 25 miles from me.....perfect!!! I duly answered the advert but as the photos of his girl were pretty classy, I didn't expect a reply as I knew that they would be inundated with replies and the ad had been put on the site the day before, I didn't have a photo, so due to all these factors weighing heavily against me I didn't hold my breath!

I sent the email around 9 in the morning and then got on with my work, letting it disappear to the back of my mind. Around lunchtime I decided to check my emails as I was expecting a client to contact me, I logged on and pressed enter.........the hairs stood up on the back of my neck as I saw in the subject column.....RE: Swinging Heaven..... My breathing became quite ragged and I had a pleasant tingle in the crotch area as I realised that there was an attachment. Photos perhaps? I left clicked the mouse to read the email. He was pleased to hear from me, thought I sounded just the kind of guy they wanted to meet.....What about tonight? could I make it and if so, where? and here are some more piccies to whet the appetite!

Could I make it? COULD I MAKE IT? Can a duck quack???? 'course I could make it, NOTHING would stop me, especially after seeing the new photos...God, did that shaven pussy look good, sliding down over his engorged cock and that face....cheekily smiling whilst raunchily sucking his proudly erect member.......The trouser department got tighter and begged for release, the face was getting hotter and I suddenly realised that I hadn't taken a breath in quite a while.

I pushed against the desk to wheel my chair backwards, took a deep breath, put my hands behind my head and let reason take control...."This is a wind-up Alan!" Reason said "Why pick you??? No photo, only a description and all those guys with stunning looks and a 10 inch cock! You've no chance!!!"

That's got to be right, I told myself, no way this is true. These things don't happen to guys like me....or do they??

I decided to test him out, I emailed back saying that I was married and with it being at short notice I would have to leave at around 11 but that if he was still up for it, I knew of a great motel near the Bretton dogging site that would be ideal for both of us and I would sort the motel cost.....I left-clicked on 'Send', pushed back my seat, got up and put on the kettle.

"If he's genuine, he won't want to know now" I told myself "they'll want an all night session and only single guys can do that!" I mashed the tea and got on with my work, or rather tried to. I had precisely 10 minutes of restraint before I pressed the refresh button.......another email lay in wait for me....."It's a rejection" Reason told me "Or if it isn't, it's another wind-up!"

I plucked up the courage and pressed the button....no rejection!!! They're not bothered about my marital state!!! Elation took over for a second and then I realised that they were just laughing at me..."Go on, send the sad bastard another!" she would have told him, "He's probably wanking right now!"....I hung my head in shame with the realisation of how close I had come to beating my meat over those photos...

"They're probably photos he's got off the internet" Reason told me and I was inclined to believe him until I thought "ask him for a phone number!" Of course, that's the answer. So I dashed off another email. "That will be the end of that!" I thought.

I lasted just 5 minutes this time until I refreshed the site and there it was "RE: Swinging Heaven" complete with mobile number.....I dropped the phone twice, I was shaking that much but eventually I dialled out and truth to tell I was expecting that the number would be false, but no....it started to ring and "hello" a friendly voice answered "Is that John?" I asked "It certainly is" he replied and relief and anticipation swept over me!

We had a good chat during which he told me how I wouldn't regret meeting them as she was a stunner and so up for it. Then he dropped the bombshell that she was held up in traffic and they wouldn't be able to make it that night after all and he would be in touch when they could make it again.

I put down the phone, my bubble burst yet again. Definately a wind-up now, just time wasters, I told myself. Ho Hum, that will be the last I hear from them (at that point I was convinced it was a single guy just pissing himself at my gullibility)

A week later when I had totally forgotten about them, lo and behold, another email!! Apologies but his computer had problems and it was just fixed, would I give them a ring this evening as they would be together and we could rearrange the meet?

The trouser snake twitched again, all thoughts of a scam forgotten and I was on the phone that evening like a rat up a drain!.......She was there, she sounded just as good as she looked and tomorrow afternoon was fine!!! I arranged to ring them around 3pm when I arrived at the motel and they would set off.

On the Friday morning I whizzed round my work at double-quick speed and shot off for the motel at around 2.30. Booking in was easier than I expected, no address asked for and cash gratefully accepted. Block 4, room 17 just down the drive. The great thing was that you didn't need to go through reception to get to the room, it was self contained, straight off the drive on the ground floor. Large double room, big bed (YES!!!) large bathroom, seperate shower and a kitchenette! Great!

I rang them up told them the room number and was a little deflated when he said it would be about an hour as she was still getting ready. Ok I said but alarm bells were ringing "It's a wind-up, stupid!" Reason informed me and I was beginning to believe him!

Anyway, I had a shower and a shave and settled down to watching the snooker on the TV. I had unlocked the door already and nodded off with pleasant thoughts flitting through my brain..........

I awoke to a gentle tapping on the door.....panic!!!....is it them? It can't be, can it? "come in" I said, hesitatingly and John pushed the door open and for a second I thought he was on his own until, quietly and sensually, Sue slipped casually past from behind him.......WOW! I was almost lost for words, she was slim and curvy with medium length dark hair and a wonderful wide mouth, accentuated by her careful use of red lipstick, her eyes smiled wickedly at me and I was stunned by the beautiful long shapely legs leading down from her very short denim skirt to her stylish high heels.

I shook myself out of my reverie, clasped hands with John like he was a long lost friend and politely kissed Sue on the cheek.

"Now do you think I was exaggerating?" said John as if reading my mind... "She is fucking gorgeous!!!" I blurted, forgetting my manners. Sue blushed and sat on the one seat, her skirt riding up to reveal the stocking tops. "Have you any coffee?" she asked, and when I replied in the affirmative she said "Well, you make the coffee and I'll get changed in the bathroom". Of course I did her bidding and John and I chatted and got to know one another, him letting me in on what she liked and disliked (which wasn't a lot!!!) until eventually she came out of the bathroom in a fantastic black sequinned evening dress that was both tight and short. the effect was breathtaking.

She perched on the end of the bed in between us and I looked at John and he nodded with a smile on his face. I gently moved towards Sue and she reciprocated, our mouths met and we kissed, hot and urgent, tongues entwined. My hand moved to her breasts and I caressed them, gently at first and then more firmly as our passion took over. My hands then moved down her long legs and I used a stroking motion that gradually came nearer and nearer to the essential heart of her sexuallity. The seismic sensation I got when my hand came above her stocking top and onto her hot flesh was fantastic and she opened her legs slightly to accomodate my searching hand. I gently stroked her pussy through her sheer panties and she pushed against my hand. At this point John spoke "I think it's time to remove a few clothes!" he said and Sue and I moved apart while he removed her dress over her head (I noticed he was already down to his underpants, and I soon joined him!)

Sue looked amazing in her bra and panties, her pert breasts straining against the material and much as I enjoyed the view, John remarked that she would have to take it all off as they had brought some wonderful gel with them that needed bare flesh for the best effect. Sue lay back on the bed whilst John opened a sachet and squeezed the contents over her wonderful shaven pussy. We enthusiastically smoothed the gel both over and inside Sue's willing holes, my fingers effortlessly sliding in and out of her arse and cunt whilst she moaned and gyrated her hips against my hands. John moved position and offered his cock to her mouth which she greedily devoured whilst I concentrated on maximum stimulation of her other orifices (and in between I tried not to leave out those magnificent breasts!)

We swopped positions a couple of times until eventually Sue called a halt to proceedings by announcing that she needed fucking NOW!!! John asked would I like to go first? WOULD I!!!!

I laid back on the bed and Sue pulled my pants down over my pulsating cock (which felt fit to burst, it had got so hard with all the foreplay). She made an appreciative murmur of approval as it sprung free and quickly gave it the benefit of her greedy lips before positioning herself with her knees either side of my hips and lowering herself down over my throbbing manhood. Even though it is quite thick, my cock slid in easily with the combining of her pussy juices and the gel and there was another appreciative UUHHHNN from the beautiful Sue as I raised my hips and thrust home as deeply as I could whilst she dropped down to meet me and we settled into a rhythym, our thighs making little slapping sounds in our ecstacy. John was urging us on, and informed me that as she was ready for coming I had to push up against her and hold my cock deep inside her pulsing cunt. Wow, what a feeling!!! She came and came and I held on, enjoying the situation and not wanting to come as I was deriving such pleasure from her taking what she wanted from the fucking. I couldn't resist sliding my fingers in her arse, which had a tight little ring around the entrance that opened accommodatingly as I probed and it facinated me more than any womans arse ever has. I have always admired a woman who enjoys anal as I feel that it completes her sexuality but I have never really wanted to do it.........until now! I asked politely as I fucked her doggy style if it would be ok to slip it in to her arse, to my dismay she declined, saying that she felt that that was one thing that she should reserve for John alone. I brightened up when she said that there was a fantasy that I could help them with "and what is that" I enquired? "I want John to fuck my arse whilst your cock is in my cunt!" she stated. How could I refuse? This was also one of my favourite fantasies. We discussed how it could be achieved and I lay with my legs over the end of the bed while Sue straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock again. John stood behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her puckered arsehole. he dribbled more gel over her hole then gently eased his cock home. The feeling was fantastic, I could feel his hard cock through the thin wall of flesh and Sue moaned with a shudder passing through the whole of her body as she came and came again.

What a night, I was in 7th heaven (the swinging version!) We had a breather, Sue changed into another fabulous outfit and we had another session, I'm sure the bloke in the room opposite was listening outside the room as Sue had her umpteenth orgasm!!! Good luck to him! She was happy for me to leave a message on my mates mobile in the middle of the session (which he told me later was a fantastically horny experience when he listened to it, expecting a boring message from work!We finished the wonderful evening with Sue in the missionary position sucking Johns cock while I brought myself to orgasm inside her, pulling out just in time to shoot all over her tits!!!! Fabulous, fabulous evening for my first Swinging Heaven meet. We vowed to do it again soon and I hope it is the first of many.

In signing off, I hope I haven't bored anyone, but I can assure you that every word is true!