Written by naturalist

18 Sep 2006

Having gone through all the prelimiaries, emails, msn, textual intercourse and phone, we met. Public place, afternoon and very busy. Managed to last through a coffee, just! He was tall and good looking, exactly what I wanted. Back to my place and barely in the door before he started kissing. Such a turnon, my legs were trembling and I was wet before he stated to touch me. Slowly we undressed each other, barely losing contact with our tongues. Not that easy to do, but very erotic! Then we stood together skin on skin and started to explore. His hands found my nipples and began to rub gently, my legs felt like jelly and I could feel the wetness spreading. I worked my way across his shoulders, down his back and onto his tight arse. Strong thighs pressed against me and I had to sink to my knees and take him in my mouth. He held my hair and gently helped me to suck him. He was so hard. I licked and sucked his cock and balls til he pulled me to my feet and guided me to the sofa. Laying me down he began to lick my nipples and gently rub my clit. When he pushed his fingers deep inside and found the right spot I knew I'd squirt all over. It made himeven hornier and he lay me on the rug so he could lay the other way and watch as I squirted again and again over his hands and chest.

I could take no more, I needed to ride him. I bounced up and down on his rock hard cock til he exploded, but just as I thought, ah well, fun while it lasted, he began to stiffen again. Turning me onto my back he lifted my legs over his shoulders and fucked me deep and long. .......4 hours later we eventually said farewell... he's coming back when we can both walk properly again!