Written by anonymous

10 Aug 2004

Hi ,ill call myself dave, last wednesday id had a massive argument with my wife,we have been married for 3 years now,sex has always been good,but just recently ive been fantasizing about men when i orgasm!

Anyway i went out for a drive just after 11pm to cool down

i pulled into a layby nr a park, seeing lots of activity i went for a stroll across it. id only gone about 50 yards into the darkness when i was approached by a man who i now know as mike. we got chatting and out of the blue he asked if i wanted a blow job!. i was very wary at first but mike was just a normal guy so i thought what the hell , my fantasy and pleasure. so ill give it a try.

i followed mikes van back to his house which was just around the corner.when we arrived at his house there was another man in who answered the door. i had only been sat downstairs drinking a cup of tea for a few minuted when mike came down the stairs in just a pair of lace knickers,this nearly made me cum in my boxers.

my heart nearly skipped a beat was this for real?

we went upstairs and i layed on the bed.

mike then teased me with his tongue for what seemed like hours licking and slurping on my 6" uncut cock, i was just at the point of no return when mike stopped i looked up and realised steve was stood there in stockings and a thong.

after loads of persuesion i reluctantly agreed to have a 3 sum mmmmmmmm. i layed back to only feel the forcefull hands of steve raise and spread my legs, opening me wide with his fingers . finger fucking me with his slippery fingers,mike had already started to climb over me in the 69 position.

he eased his cock in my mouth and we genly gobbled each other,then i felt the most pressure around my bum hole steve had his 9" cock against me pressing and pushing i tried to let out a cry but it was to late i felt a large spreading feeling and then his balls tickle my crack,my heart was pounding and i exploded my spunk into mikes mouth.

i tried to wriggle and escape but steve had my hips and thighs held firm,his cock fucked me harder than i had ever shagged a woman.i then felt him jerk and then he filled me to the brim!.at this point my own mouth gushed with red hot sauce.i lay there wondering what to say or do when mike lifted my leggs and sucked all the cream from my sore arse!

i loved every minute of this.haven't argued with the wife recently but i will definattely try again.