Written by Sian

22 Jul 2005

I’m 32yrs old, slim toned and tall. Long blonde hair, never short of offers and have been told many times that I’m beautiful. I’m a lawyer in the city and have a very comfortable lifestyle, so why can’t I find a male to interest me?

Most guys bore me silly. I couldn’t care less how big the speakers are in your boot, your car will never impress me and I don’t want to hear your life story after we fuck. I want a man who can take control, satisfy my needs and fuck me silly. I was beginning to thing that these qualities in a young guy were impossible and the thought of wrinkly sex turns me of.

A girlfriend suggested that I try submitting to a master (I’m bi to). Initially I laughed, but she described how although she considers herself mostly lez, she occasionally submits to a guy who challenges her to resist and makes her do things that she’d never do for any other guys. Although dismissing the idea, I thought about it more and more throughout the week. I had created such a fantasy of trying to resist a guy whilst he forced me to be his depraved sub slut that I was now regularly frigging myself off two or three times a day. I decided enough was enough, put my mobile number on the rear of a photo and passed it to my girlfriend. Would she please pass it to the master that she regularly met?

I received a call a few nights later and arranged to meet him in a hotel room later in the week. I dressed exactly as he had ordered: a smart business suit with high heels that showed my great legs, a plain white blouse and white silk underwear with hold-ups and an elegant bra that accentuated my firm c-cup breasts . However, I decided to challenge his order by not wearing the knickers. This may have been a mistake as my inner thighs were wet and slick with anticipation as I knocked on the hotel door.

The room was dark, the curtains were closed and he immediately told me not to turn on the lights. I must admit that the temptation to turn and run almost overcame me, but the need to find a guy who could take control and satisfy my needs overruled. Besides, my girlfriend had described so graphically how she had submitted to him that my pussy was buzzing.

Entering the room and standing in the middle, I could just make out the outline of someone sitting in the chair by the bed. I dropped my bag to the floor and asked him why the lights were out. Instead of answering my question, he demanded that I stand still and be quiet. He stretched out on the seat and instructed me to slowly strip to my underwear. Remembering that he had described so precisely how the underwear should be and that I had deliberately left the knickers behind, I slowly undressed – unbuttoning the jacket and letting it drop to the floor and then wriggling out from the skirt. I tried to see his reaction to the lack of knickers and my trimmed bush on show. However it was to dark, however he rose and approached as I began to remove my heels.

Circling behind and standing close he whispered that I should not take the heels off. I tried to turn and face him, but he roughly grasped my neck and held me still. Leaning in towards my left ear and whispered “You disobeyed me, slut. You’ll need you’ll be punished.” No-one had ever spoken to me this way, but I was shocked how much it was turning me on: my nipples were so stiff and sensitive and my trimmed mound and thighs were sodden with my own juices.

Whilst considering the effect he was having on me and wondering what he’d do first, he shocked me by delivering a stinging slap across first one firm bum cheek then the other. The slaps drove a gasp from deep within me and the hot rush that resulted flushed from me rear up to my face. I again tried to spin around, but he again grasped my by the rear of the neck and drove me over to the bed. Forcing my neck down and demanding that I kneel on the edge of the bed. Once positioned as he wished, his hands returned to my rear. I flinched away, but instead his fingers caressed the enflamed skin. The fingers tips gliding softly over in circles and teasing where before there had been pain.

Whilst soothing and pleasant, his prior discipline now had me pensive and uncertain. I looked around and began to ask what he had in mind for me. However, before I could finish the question, another two stinging blows were delivered to my rear. A short wail ripped from my lungs and I was amazed to hear myself whimper. Due to me rear being so exposed, he had leisure to deliver the smacks exactly where he wished and the effect was much greater than the previous ones. My previously trim and firm rear that had attracted so many compliments from males was now perched on the edge of a bed and a complete stranger has my flesh on fire and rear aglow. What amazed me most was how turned on and excited I was.

Whispering softly, he explained that I was there to please him and serve as he demanded. Any deviation from his instructions would result in immediate and severe punishment. As he explained that he could also be a loving master, I felt his finger tips trace down between my cheeks and seeking out my exposed lips. He deliberately traced the length of my parted slick lips, dragging just the tips of his fingers across my silken folds before working deeper. Pushing gently, he enter one and then two fingers into me. I expected him to then pleasure me with a finger fuck, but instead his fingers withdrew and I could hear him rustling in a bag. Should I turn around and risk another spanking? Strangely, the prospect created a fresh rush of wetness between my legs.

He again approached and I could feel something hard being inserted between my pussy lips. The cool slippery liquid that was pumped from the bottle into my gaping hole was both soothing and refreshing. Why add so much lubricant? He can’t be so big. As I revelled in the sensation of the cool slippery liquid swilling within me and running freely from me, he again inserted his fingers. But this time he inserted them deeply into the knuckle in one straight thrust. As he began to finger me deep and long with both fingers, I pressed back against his thrusts. At this point I thought he would bring me off with his fingers, fuck for a while and then finish. However, he began to insert more fingers. A third and then a forth, stretching me wide open and I instinctively moved away from his thrusting hand.

He wrapped his other arm around the top of my thighs and forced me back against him. The feeling of being stretched so wide and open is something I had never experienced before and I realised that I was again whimpering and panting loudly. His thrusts were deliberate and driving. With each thrust, more and more of his hand was driven within me. Eventually I could feel him twist his fingers and insert his thumb. I knew that I should have been panicking and fighting to get away, but the feeling of being used as a sub slut and being completely taken over was something that I had wanted for so long that I couldn’t break the spell. I was aware that he was calling to me but by now I was completely wrapped up in the feelings that were rippling through my body with each of his thrusts.

Eventually his thrusts became so small because he could push no more and I thought that he could not insert further. However, he bent over, whispered that I was a worthy slut and began to turn his fist in towards my pelvis mound. As he did so, I could feel me stretched lips part around and engulf his complete fist. As my pussy stretch to enclose his fist, he gave one violent punch forward that drove his fist deep within me. I couldn’t help but give a short scream. His hand became still for a while and I lay embedded on his buried fist, spasms and ripples occurring from deep within me. He slowly began to open and close his fist and whilst doing so, he brutally drove two fingers from his other hand in past my tight bum hole. This was to much and a huge orgasm ripped through my body. Shortly he unclenched his fist and slowly withdrew his fist. There was a moment of pain before an overwhelming sense of release. I remained on my knees with my rear exposed and the air caressing my pussy that felt ripped wide.

As I knelt there, he approached from the rear and drove his cock into my pussy. He told me that I would now receive my reward, but to be honest I was now so numb that I could hardly feel him. However, he had other plans. After a few brief thrust in which his cock was now coated with the lubricant and my juices, he withdrew, grasped me by the hips and drove his stiff cock up into my bum hole. This was the first time I had let any man take me so and the feeling of being forced open and fucked there was like nothing I had experienced before. Driving in deep and hard, his cock forcing me open and deep before withdrawing until only the tip was in and then repeating. The orgasm that overcame me was completely unexpected and whilst relishing the wave of pleasure, he reached around and below me, grabbed a tit nipple and viciously squeezed and twisted as he pumped his seed in me.

As I lay below him on the bed and gently teased his cock with my teeth and tongue, I thought about how I had surrendered myself so completely to him and how he had fulfilled me in ways others couldn’t. I’ve booked another room for this weekend and have requested my master’s presence. The expectations in my mind have me in a constant state of arousal. Perhaps I’ll share the experience with another posting.

As I write this lengthy posting, I’m thinking about how so many of the guys in the firm and around the courts have bent over backwards to get me into bed. There have been a few and they may even have been more wealthy and better looking than the master to which I now devote myself, but none could ever satisfy me as he has or match him in creativity.