Written by Carl & Steph & me

27 Dec 2003

Well today its happend ! The first time I have ever had hold of a man. The wife and myself and a friend called Carl have just gone all the way.As it happend the threesom had been planned, but we did not know it was going to involve me and carl getting it togeather. It all happend this morning, Carl had been stopping over night we had a few drinks last night but that was all, maybe a bit of small talk and a bit of flashing of Steph, but that was all. Later on we all went to bedwe went to ours and carl went to him in the spare bedroom. Then this morning came! Carl was in the shower so I told Steph to go in there to help him. So off she went into the bathroom and into the shower with Carl. Then things were turning into a joke to much laughing and messing, so I went in and told Carl to play with Steph, I left them to in for about twenty mins, I was outside the door and I could hear Steph moning ,she was getting very turned on. By the way Carl had not got a girlfriend and has not had a good shag for months! anyway they come out of the bathroom, so I went in for my shower and I told them to get into bed, I asked Carl to warm Steph up for us. Well that was it, thay were in bed I was outside the bedroom door now with a huge hard on wanking hard. I was sure Carl was fucking Steph. I give them a little time then went and got in with them, I have nover seen Stephs pussy as wet as it was , I now know carl had been fucking her and cum inside her too! Fantastic but I dont know why but all I wanted to do was to lick Steph out and that I did, and yes I could taste Carls cum. We all started off again the sex was excellent,seeing Carl shagging my wife and her loveing it! IT was then it happend, Carls hand was on my cock I just found it mind blowing he rubbed it and slowly wanked me. Then Steph said that she wanted to watch us both. It very soon got out of hand with me and Carl wanking and kissing each other and even sucking each other it was fantastic sex, I wanted Carl to go all the way in my mouth but Steph wanted that, so When Carl cum Steph finished him , she held his cum in her mouth then french kissed me passing his cum from her mouth to mine, after about one hour I went down to make a brew , and Carl give Steph a forth good shagging. If you have never tryed it then do you will love it. We are now looking forward to next time ! !