Written by bladerider

29 Jul 2006

my wife and me had owr first time last night . we pulled up at the quite spot no one was around so i suggested that she played with me she said now as she was scared and wanted to go home . so i put my hand up her skirt she tried to stop me till i touched her love lips then she let me carry on .after a while she got my cock out and started to suck me off' it was then that i saw a face at the window she could not see the man .it made it all the more fun i lifted her skirt so he could see her fanny he gave the thumbs up i put three fingers in and rubbed . she then wanted me to do her as we moved round she saw that there was two men and a woman watching . she said oh my god and asked how long they had been there , i said about fifteen mins i answered and then entered her she was soaking wet more than ever before (so much for been scared) so saw a bloke with his tool in his hand she said look at his and the bloke hered this and put it up to the window.my wife thought this was great she wound down the window a bit and this bloke put his cock in my wife asked if she could touch it as she new this is some ting that we talked about in bed she the n started to wank him it was great to watch .she lift her head to lick his cock a as she did she came and so did i the bloke pulled away and finnished himself off . he came over and said thanks we got dressed and went home and had the best sex for years can not wait till next time