Written by rosscop

12 Sep 2006

having been on this site for a long time looking for first tim fun

The message came back and what an experience. I had arranged to meet J in my hotel room and didnt know what to expect. the knock on the door the adrenaline rush and what a night.

J entered the room we had a beer and then he said lets get down to it,

Lying on the bed we started by exploring each other bodies fully dresed I undid his shirt and sucked on his nipples then slowly started my way to his crotch. being on the small side the hardon he had was electric I worked my way slowly down to his cock and unziped him, to reveal an 8 inch thick unuct knob I strated to slowly wank him and then pulled his boxers straight off and sucked his knob like a man posessed. within 30 seconds spurt after spurt was drooling from my mouth. he then started to undress me and sucked on my smaller cock like an expert and it had never been sucked like this before . he sucked every last bit of spunk from me.

then came the question ANAL well fuck it i shoved it right up his arse from behind and wanked his long thick cock at the sane time pumping and wanking until we both exploded at the same time.

We wanked and sucked all night and cant wait till we meet again hopefully the company wont wait too long to put me up as I want his hard cock up my ares