Written by mark - still hornie

27 Dec 2006

After some really hard thinking, I decided to do it , I got in my car and drove the short distance to the picnic area where i had been told too go if i want to get my cock sucked.

It was shortly after 11 am on the sunday when i arrived where i noticed quite a few cars parked and a few people working off into the woods. I got out of the car and follewed, to find a few good looking men standing around talking and off to one side a short distance was 3 men together one getting fucked while he was sucking the other off, i stood there watching and found myself getting hard .

An older man walked over and starting chatting while i still looked over his shoulder i really didnt take much notice of what he was saying until i felt hid hand on by now was a throbbing 9 inch cock i looked at him while he just smiled and slowly undone my jeans and took out my throbbing cock, I told him this was my first time , he smiled at me and told me to relax and enjoy .

As i felt his mouth slowly taking my cock in inch my inch i looked across to find the 3 men stopped and where now looking at me i found this very horny.

I then undid my jeans and let them fall a little, his hand then came betwen my legs and his finger running up and down between my cheeks and then he slowly pushed his finger against my very tight hole , I felt as if i was in heaven being sucked off by a man for the first time and really enjoying it.

I could feel myself about to cum as did he, he pulled away from my cock and started to wank me off as i came he opened his mouth and i shot all over his face and into his waiting mouth.

He then clean me up sucking every last drop of hot cum out of my cock, and then asked me would i be back, i of course said yes and believe me i have , and i have sent many a happy day and evening there