Written by Jon Brown

28 Apr 2004

I had gone to this secluded beach near Hastings to sunbathe, settling down amongst some rocks which gave a little respite from a cool breeze. After a while, hearing voices nearby I looked up to see a guy standing talking to another who had obviously been there all the time. These two then settled down to talk (too far away to hear the conversation) but as I turned over onto my front and glanced in their direction, I could see them playing with each others cocks. This soon developed into sucking, and I found myself watching intently with a hard-on. Fear of being told to p*** off stopped me from doing anything more than resting on my side stroking my own cock as I watched. However, at this point one of the two guys saw my predicament (if thats what you call it!)and called me over. Not sure what to expect, I was soon made welcome, and barely seconds after sitting on a corner of a towel, my cock was being expertly massaged to a point where I nearly came. The second guy then pulled my head down onto his tool, long and thin with a pointy head. I got the message and started giving him a bj the best way I knew how. The first had moved round behind me, and was working his shaft quickly up and down between the cheeks of my arse. A few strokes and he came; I felt warm spunk dropping onto the small of my back, my arse, and trickling slowly over my hole and balls. Just as I was enjoying this new sensation the other guy came in my mouth - another first. I half swallowed, half dribbled his cum (not that much considering the noise he was making). Guy 2 came round to finish me off, but he need'nt have worried..as soon as he touched my purple-headed mounted it shot spunk over both of them in quantities I have never produced before. Phew, mind blowing. Less than a minute later we had gone our separate ways, but the memory still makes me hard.