Written by Peter

10 Nov 2004

Jack kept his eyes on the road, but they kept darting to his wife of nineteen years. She looked absolutely stunning tonight. Her lips were painted red, which only called attention to her beautiful face with its high cheekbones and pale skin. Her eyes were a cool blue. Her coat had fallen open and he checked out the expanse of her black-stocking-clad legs left exposed between her knee-high leather boots and the short black and gray tartan skirt she’d chosen for the evening. Alicia looked just like she had in college. It was as if the years hadn’t touched her at all.

Jack felt a stirring in his groin looking at his wife and he suddenly thought about what she might look like in the arms of another man. The thought made him a little jealous too, but the overriding feeling was of arousal. If anyone had told him six months ago that the thought of Alicia with another man would turn him on he would have thought them crazy. But considering that what Jack was envisioning could very well be happening within a few short hours it was not unreasonable for him to be thinking about at all. They did not know for sure that anything would happen. They were leaving each other open to go with how they felt.

Actually for the last few months Jack had barely thought of anything else but what might happen this New Year’s Eve. At first he’d flat out rejected the idea of going to this party, but the more and more he and Alicia had discussed it the more interesting it sounded. There were a lot of talks with Cindy and Cole together and separately. Again Jack looked at Alicia and wondered what was going through her mind. So he asked.

“Just thinking about…possibilities. You know, what’s going to happen tonight. And after.”

“If it helps, I’m scared too.” Jack said. “I’m feeling so many things, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling.”

Alicia took Jack’s hand. “I’m not sure there’s any ‘supposed to’ for this situation.”

“I’m feeling a lot of the normal stuff I should be feeling, fear, jealousy at what might happen, feeling crazy. But then, I’m very turned on. Even just sitting here and thinking about what we could be doing tonight I am really excited. Should I be?”

“I am too. My stomach is full of butterflies, but I am tingling all over.” Alicia said. Her hand moved from Jack’s hand to his groin. He jumped at her touch and the thin wool of his trousers did nothing to hide his arousal. Alicia massaged him there and Jack’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. “Mmm, it feels like you’re very turned on thinking about tonight.”

“Maybe just a little. You better stop that or I am going to have to change pants before we go inside.” This was a perfect example of how things had changed for them over the past couple months. Before that there was no way Alicia would have been rubbing him while he was driving. It was a change he definitely liked.

“So tell me, what exactly are you thinking about, honey?” Alicia asked, rubbing him more firmly.

“Thinking about you. Thinking about you flirting with another man. Letting him touch you. Thinking about what it might be like to see you naked and having sex, seeing it from the outside, I mean. How do you feel about the possibility of me being with another woman? Still okay with it?”

“Yes, I think I am. I think watching another woman pleasuring you will be exciting. I’m a little scared too, that you might like her better than me.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been over this. I could never want another woman more than I want you.”

Alicia smiled. “I know. I’m just a little worried, that’s all. I know we’ve talked it all out.