Written by Craig

2 Nov 2004

my and myself was fed up nothing to do so we decided to meet someone off this site so we rang a feller and asked did he want to fuck my wife we had tried to meet him be4 but he was always to busy so we decided last try and he was up 4 it. we met a alocation that we both knew on meeting she was stright in down pn his long thick cock swollowing has much as she could get in her mouth then he was at her like a dogger on heat up to the hilt lapping & licking my wife 2,3,4 fingers up her cunt never have I had so many up her hole 2-4 times she came with his hand and tonge then she wanted him to fuck her while I was only allowed to watch That's ok with me anyway his long thick cock was in her hole she was like a sex starve dog her fingers nail were ripping into his flesh which he loved he then took her doggy style but instead of entering her cunt she guided him to her bum hole somrthing she has never erver let me do of which i love doing and have done with other swinging partners be4 he fucked realy hard and fast & she was loving every second of it dirty little bitch I thought but wait thats my wife loving it great he then lay her back on her back and fucked her again this time I stood by her head to wank over her but he had better ideas and proceeded to suck my cock Ive never had it done to me b4 & i loved it so much I shot my load into his mouth he finished fucking my wife and we had a drink then he left but said he enjoyed the night.my wife didnt & still doesnt know what happend 2 me but I am going to meet him again alone this time I am going to suck and let him fuck me or I will him. I'll let you know what happens when it does.