Written by Harry_22

3 Jan 2007

I was very nervous to be accommodating for the first time, it was a good job I was horny to be fucked otherwise I might have bottled it!

He came in and I shakily pointed to the living room. As requested I was in my dressing gown and letting it drop I exposed my shiny black knickers and hold up stockings.

His nerves were getting the better of him too which put me at ease a bit. He was rubbing his cock and slapping it about to make it swell. He peeled down my knickers and we rubbed our semi hard cocks together for a while before I could wait no longer. I got down on my knees and started to suck him.

That did the trick and soon I had 7 inches of hard dick pushing on the back of my mouth and making me gag. My technique drew no complaints, I was loving the feel of that smooth hard meat in my face, especially when I held the base with my hand and he fucked my mouth.

Then he withdrew and with unspoken gestures I found myself on all fours, point my arse back at him. He slapped on a condom and then I heard the slurp of lube applid. A cold dab on my hole and then he pushed his way. Thanks to fingers and toys (okay and the odd veggie!), but I tell you nothing feels as nice a cock in your arse!

This was only the second cock to go there and I savoured the feel of his tip opening me and then his shaft stimulating my passage as his helmet probe deeper into me. ‘Oh Yes’ I moaned and he asked if I was okay, I couldn’t answer and just granted something over my shoulder as slowly fucked my arse.

I was in heaven as I wanked my semi hard cock underneath me, but then nerves seemed to get the better of my guest once more as I felt him go soft in me. He pulled out and removed the condom and I was treated to him spanking my cheeks and arsehole with his tool. Selfishly I declined the offer to return the favour and instead rolled onto my back so I could watch himwank as I did.

To my absolute delight he hoisted my legs up and in quick move slipped on another condom and was soon back I my arse! I found getting fucked in this manner really hot and was soon wanking my rock hard cock. I was breathing heavy and really letting him fuck me when I knew I was about to come. I sprayed spurt after spurt high in the air, my hot spunk raining down on me. He quickly pulled out and removed his condom. He stood and I watched as after a couple of tugs a hot thick squirt of come landed on my stomach, soon followed by a hot dollop on my cock and balls.

I lay there exhausted while he went to the bathroom to clean up and then we thanked each other and he left.