Written by southhantsman

21 Nov 2006

Hi, I have been seeing someone I met off SH for about a year now and we have been having fantastic sex and have tried many new and exciting things, but anal has always been off the menu , up until last week that is.

I had found myself at a loose end from work during the day so gave my "friend" (Ill call her E ) a call to see what she was up to and fortunately she was also free so I popped round to her house.

E answered the door looking stunning in a red negligee and wearing nothing else , we went up to her bedroom and a quickly got undressed and we both got on the bed , starting with some very nice deep kissing and general hands every where foreplay. E was laying on her back and I slid down the bed to taste her freshly shaven pussy, whilst gently holding her lips open I delved my tongue deep into her moist hole and teased her clitoris with the end of it , this got E very worked up and she was playing with her own nipples as I was busy licking her now very wet pussy. E passed me a bottle of lube and I dribbled some onto my fingers and massaged it between her legs and all over lower stomach and into her pussy, gently massaging her clit , after a good few minutes of this E came noisily writhing around the bed and bucking her hips forcing my face into her pussy.

After she had cum I told her to turn over and she knelt on all fours before me, i got behind her and continued to lick her pussy from behind . occasionally slipping my tongue over Es tight arse hole, she seemed to like this a lot so I spent more time licking her bum, holding her cheeks wide apart and forcing my toungue right in her puckered hole. I used some more of the lub and started to rub my finger around her bum all the while gently increasing the pressure until her muscles relaxed and the tip of my finger was inside her virgin bum, gradualy I worked my finger deeper inside her whilst I picked up the lube botle with my other hand and slid the bottle up her soaking pussy, I used the lube bottle to to fuck E sliding it deeply and slowly between her lips , all the while i was working on her bum with my hand it was all slippery covered in the lube and I soon had two fingers of my right hand up to my knuckles in her bum.

E hadnt touched my cock for ages now and it felt like it was going to explode, I took the lube bottle from her quim and removed my fingers from her arse. I then spread some of the lube over my hard cock and more between her cheeks then started rubbing my cock between her arse cheeks and over her pussy lips, E thought I was going to fuck her from behind and reached between her legs to try and and get me into her pussy but I had other ideas....

with my left hand I spread her cheeks wide and nudged my cock at the entrance to her ring there was a little resistance at first and I gently pushed my cock into her anus, as Es spincter began to open up my cock slid in and E gasped out loud as she took her first cock in her bum, she soon relaxed and was pushing back on me so my cock was buried up to the hilt in her , after a few minutes deep thrusting I knew I was going to cum and I pumped my spunk deep inside her bum then very carefully withdrew my now spent cock from her wide open arse hole.

We have now decided that E thoroughly enjoyed this and she is desparate to do this again , so I am looking forward to our next anal encounter