Written by sleeper

17 Jan 2007

I have been married to my wife angela for over 25 years,

as far as i know she has not been unfaithful to me in all those years, that was up until last weekend.

i took here for a short break to milan to get away from the kids etc.

angie is a real sexy looking girl black hair nice body and big tits, she has started to shave her pussy bald which i really love.

her speciality is to give head which she is very good at,

anyway back to the milan trip, on our last night we went out to a few bars and in one of the bars we got chatting to a guy a about thirtyish, he was just my wifes cup of tea tall dark and handsome, cut a long story short he came back to our hotel as it was on his way home, the bar was closed so went up to our room for a drink, i pretended to much drunker than i really was and pretended to pass out on the ajoing bed,

anyway they never noticed to begin with, then angela called my name and then i heard her say he's dead to the world,

the guy got up to go and as they walked to the door he turned around to give her a good night kiss, this developed into a full blown snog and i could see him rubbing her tits and she was grinding herself up against him, she then broke away and i thought she had come to her senses, but she came over to me and gave me a shake, when she seen that i was out for the count, she turned around slipped off her drees and stood before this guy with just her bodice stockings and high heels (no knickers)

they then joined togther and kissed and he was fingering her and she had his cock out, he was a real big boy,

she went down on him sucking up and down the length of his shaft then putting his knob into her mouth.

he then got her on the bed on her back and started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes , she started to moan like mad, after a while he turned her over and started to do her doggy ways, this she really loved and came at least two or three times , when he was ready to come she got his big cock in her mouth and i could see her looking up into his eyes and he unloaded it into her mouth, she swallowed every drop,

he then got dressed and left,

my wife then got into the other bed and i lay there for a while and i realised she had gone to sleep, i also fell asleep and when i woke in the morning i said what happened last night, she said it was so embarassing you fell asleep again and the guy left as soon as i had passed out.

i don't know if i should tell her what i seen