Written by sjnwuk

23 Apr 2006

I am a recent bi exp'd guy who before last Friday, have only met a few guys from this website for quick wanking sessions and nothing more(Was too scared to go any further).

However, things progressed a lot further last thurs when I actually had a full taste of what 3 horny str8 men can do in the privacy of my own home.

I'm still buzzing from the experience and constantly think about it and have to wank off when the wife's not around...lol.

It all started like I said last thurs morning when I was alone in the house waiting for the electrician to come to do some work on the house.As my wife was out to work, I thought I'd pass the time by going on the net and checking out this website. I was in the middle of reading one ad on the M2M section that took my interest. I clicked on the pic of a juicy cock being sucked off by another, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I got up from my chair and opened the door and there was not one but two strapping men in work gear. To cut to the point, I let them into the sitting room to start work when I suddenly remembered where my laptop was. Suddenly forgetting that I had forgoten to close the pc with the downloaded pic showing, I quickly rushed back into the room to find them staring at it and laughing between themselves.

I coughed and cleared my throat and said calmy trying not to look embarassed, 'here let me just move this laptop so u can get access to the power socket'.

one of them the stocky, shaved headed one replied, 'interesting all this swinging stuff isn't it m8?'

'Yeh never done it before, just curious happen to come across the website by chance', I quicky responded.

'I've been married to my misses for 12 yrs now, sex gets a bit boring, I suppose a bit a variety wont' go a miss', he sniggered.

'Yeh I know what u mean, I've been married for a few yrs now also. The idea of no strings fun is fun if all that is!', I replied back with a nervous smile.

The other guy his work colleague suddenly asked if I was bi then. I then said I was bi curious and that I wasnt gay and only had the pic up on my laptop because I was curious.

'Are u alone m8 or is the wife around?', the stocky one asked.

' No alone ', I replied

I notice that the shorter guy was still looking at the pic on the pc and I gathered that something was about to happen.

'Well we are alone in pvt, u said u maybe game. We're all str8 married, we are discreet what do u think?', the shorter guy asked as he looked at his colleague and then me.

'Yeh 'm game no strings and we are all alone here', I replied.

Within minutes, I was knealt between two blokes with massive cocks, in particular the tall stocky one. His balls where huge and heavy and I enjoyed taking it in my mouth and having the other shorter guy come real close rubbing his cock on my cheeks as I grabbed and played with his balls whilst frantically sucking his mate like mad!

I then switched and began sucking the short stocky guy. His cock was fat but not as long but I enjoyed the taste of salty precum and the smell of real men up close to me! By now I was really turned on and there was no rtn. I had so much precum over over my face and lips that I was now putty in their hands!

Whilst I was still sucking the shorter guy, I felt the big cock of the other taller guy rub vigorously between my arse crack. It was getting very moist with his precum(there was loads oozing from his big balls btw), and he was breathing very heavily and I knew what was going to happen next but I felt I didn't want him to stop and I was totally carried away by now.

Eventually, he pushed his fat cock up my virgin arse. At first it hurt like hell but he stopped for a bit, he continued to squeeze more precum from the tip of his cock and mixed with his spit, he finally entered up me. It got to the point he was pumping my asrse so hard. Each thrust was joined by a massive grunt from the guy. I knew he was enjoying every thrust by his grunts and I did too.

I did not neglect the other shorter guy whom I still was sucking like mad. I began to grab the base of his cock with my right hand furiously wanking him and at the same time with my other hand playing with his arse and sucking the tip of his fat cock head which was now deep purple and covered his copious amount of my saliva. He too was getting so much pleasure. His eyes closed tightly and his whole lower crotch thrusting hard into my mouth.

This was what I have always fantasised doing secretly- a hot spit roast session with 2 other str8 men.

I finally reached a point now that I wanted to be completely filled with spunk. I squeezed my arse hard to grip the guy's cock hard inside me, and at the same time I began to wank the other guy's cock harder and let my lips furiously suck his cock tip. I was finally rewarded. The sensation of having both mouth, throat and arse hole filled with hot cum is......simply amazing!!

I would love to repeat this experience again!

Maybe I will who knows :)