Written by richard

28 Sep 2004

last week my wife,lisa went shopping with a good friend,erik who's gay.having a few hours on my own i was going to put my wifes black stockings and suspenders on(i like doing that)and have a good wank looking at myself in the mirror.

a few weeks ago lisa said she read men like having a finger up the bum while having sex.We tried it and and it was nice indeed.she also started to do it when blowing me and i really started to enjoy it,which she noticed.

standing in front of the mirror with stockings and suspenders i squatted down,wanked and fingering myself and feeling really horny.

at that moment i heard something behind me,looked and saw lisa and richard standing in the bedroom door.Ofcourse i couldn't say anything but lisa said well,if you like dressing up as a women u should be taken like a women,what u think erik.Erik just said ofcourse.

Lisa said to me sit on the edge of bed.erik already undressed and came to me naked.his cock was about 8 inches long and quiet thick.he stood in front of me and lisa said come on then.I grabbed his cock and slowly startedto suck him.there was i socking a guy's cock and getting really horny.after a couple minutes while lisa stood watching,ok richard turn around now and get on all fours on the bed.

i turned around and with my bum sticking in the air.i saw richard gettin on his knees and started to rim me.his tongue was circling my hole and gettin into it.i could feel my asshole really getting wet,i was really turned on en my cock was trobbing.then lisa came also behind me and pulling my cheeks apart.i saw erik getting some lube and started to put it on my hole andfirst put 1 finger in and then 2,puutin the lube evrywhere and making my hole a little wider.he stopped and lisa got his cock and lubed it all up.he then stood behind me,and while he pulled 1 bumcheek apart,lisa pulled the other one and slowly started to wank me and telling me to relax.

i could feel eriks cock pushing against my hole and slowly pushing in,stretching my hole.it did hurt but was also a incredible horny feeling.i then feel his cock completly going inside till his balls.man the feeling of completly being filled up.he waited a minute and then started to fuck me with lonng stroke.lisa stil was wanking me but also playing with hrself.i saw erik fucking me in the mirror and sometimes his cock got out and then he pussed it in again,mmm the feeling of his cock entering my arse again.after about 10 min he started to move faster.by then i was also meetting his strokes by pushing myself against him.he said i come and i could feel his cock shooting the first load inside me,he then pulled out and shot the rest against my arsehole.

lisa said i had to give her a good licking and after couple minutes she came.after lying on bed for about 15,(i stll hadn't come,lisa told me not yet,but i was bursting)eriks cock started to get hard again.lisa said to get on all 4 again and i had to start to suck erik.she wen out of the room,and after about 5 minutes she came back.i was still sucking eriks cock but when she came in she was wearing a black 10 icnh strap on.she said she bought it because she noticed i liked afinger up the bum.she lube the strap on and my hole again and the pushed it in.it was a bit bigger but my hole was stretched.i was still sucking eriks cock,so i was being spitroasted.after 15 min erik said he was coming i could feel his cock really getting hard and then he shot his load in my mouth i swallowed everything.lisa took the strap on out and then erik said i could fuck him.by now i was bursting.he got on his back on the edge of the bed with his legs raised,so he could put his feet on my shoulders.i lube my cock and his arsehole,it was nice and relaxed.he said come on richard put itin 1 one time.i put my cock against his hole and shoved completly in.lisa said then wait i moment.i was half standing on the floor,half lying on erik with his feet on my shoulders.lisa the stood behind me,moved my legs apart and shoved the strap on right in my arse.i was know dp by my wife and her friend.lisa said then come on and after about 1 minute fucking eriks arse i totally exploded and we all lay on bed.stroking eachother

after erik left,lisa said i could take her up yhe bum,which i did ofcourse.

we now meet up eith erik next week again,cant wait