Written by chris

18 Jun 2005

We have been married for 15 years and talked about swinging and fucking other couples and even gay sex. When we first heard of dogging a while back it entered into our fantasy life and we had some great sex just talking about fucking total strangers.

I came home recently, Ann was in front of the PC. She told me she had found a local dogging site. I could see she had been playing with herself as her skirt was round her waist and her knickers by her feet. She quickly undid my trousers and forced my hard cock into her. Her cunt was already dripping and it wasn't long before she came.

Afterwards she told me she told me she had been so turned on by reading dogging stories she really wanted to give it a go.

Later that night we drove to the site she found on the web. No other cars were there so I leaned over and started to kiss her and fondle her breasts while she took out my cock and jacked me off slowly.

We were still sitting there when a van pulled up in front of us. Two guys came out and walked up to the car window. Ann's breasts were on display so I guess they realised she might be available.

I wound down the window and one of the men undid his fly and pulled out his thick cock. I was amazed how quickly Ann took hold of it and when he said suck me she didn't stop to think and just placed her mouth over the head of his cock sucking and licking. She had to rest shortly because her jaw was aching he was so thick.

The other man had been standing just watching and looked at me and asked if we could all go in the back of their van as it would be more comfortable. I was a bit concerned but Ann was very eager so we followed them in.

The van had mats and blankets. The men quickly stripped Ann naked and still standing began to kiss and lick her all over. They both kneeled down and the one in front dove into her pussy with his tongue and fingers. The man behind her was fondling her buttcks and then pulling her cheeks apart he leaned in and licked her arsehole. Ann was really groaning with pleasure by now and started whispering "fuck me, fuck me" getting louder and louder when the two men just carried on licking and sucking. The man behind her pushed a finger in her arse while the one in front already had three of his in her cunt.

They made her lie down and the really thick cock was pushed into her. This really set her off, I had never heard her so loud with all the moaning.

The other man took hold of my rock hard cock which was a real surprise and I wasn't too sure what I thought but then he took it into his mouth and I groaned with ecstacy. Ann looked up to see me, she looked quite amazed but then told me to 69 with the man.

We stayed in the van for about two hours and I think we did everything we had ever fantasised about.

Both men fucked me in the arse. Ann had them both at the same time, one in her cunt and the other in her mouth. They then persuaded her to try DP. One guy lay on the floor and she sat on his dick in her cunt and the other man fingered her asshole with one, then two. then three fingers. He then slowly eased his cock into her. That was an amazing sight.

Ann was loving it and had loads of orgasms.

We have decided dogging and other group sex is definately for us and will be coming again.