Written by i dont mind

15 Sep 2006

the first i knew was that night in bed when she was twitching around and was thinking what she seen today to make her like this as she often seen other guy and and was not so twitchy as this befor i asked her what you seen that you liked . well it turnsd out that when she went to pick up the kids from a friends pub and this guy was trying it on so i said how old was he as we was in our late 30 she said about 20 plus any way she was realy wet so we talked some more me asking well whats he look like by this time i was hard as a rock and it was as she didnt want to tell me so my mind started to say did he look like this as we all know we blokes do dont we girls, any way i almost at the end when i said was he a coloured guy and boy she had a big one almost broke my hand and asked her how she would have felt had he go her. well she nether know as she did see him in the pub new year but nothing happen but that did not stop her thinking about him inbed and i could alway tell when she was as she was alway a lot wetter and i always know when she seen someone she liked but now she dont seam to think of us white guys no more they all coloured guys. so i asked her would she like me to get her a coloured guy she said yes so put add in a sex paper a waited for the replys she like this guy we say his name is danny and i went to meet him nice guy and big in the place im not any way she got shy the morning of the meet so we did not go but she knows she missed out big time she still see guy she likes and tells me. then i put add on her for her. that in part 2