Written by ermisfly

26 May 2005

I live in Athens, I'm 34 years old, 78 Kgr, with blue eyes and brown hair. I'm salesman in a company that sells Men's clothes and at the duration of waiting between appointments with customers I use to drink my cold coffee (frape) at the area of Thissio, reading newspapers and looking at the crowd that passes by. During this time in Athens there is a lot of tourism and the area of Thissio has a lot of tourist interesting therefore enough foreigner people circulates there.

The cafe was full of people and I was watching at a couple that tried to find a table in order to seat. Even if I am a very shy guy took the courage and invited them to seat in my table if they wanted. After they were looked each other for a little they agreed to seat. They were tired enough. I told them that my name is George and they told me that their names are Steve and Alice. They told me that they were from London. They were a cute couple in their late 40’s and there was their first time that they were coming in Greece. I asked them if they enjoy their stay here and they told me that they were very satisfaction from the friendly people and the very good weather. They have just come from their visit at Akropolis and them like it very much. Their only complain that they wanted to see the city but they were alone and they loose time during their transportation throw the city and they lost enough time until they find the part of the city that they wanted to see. Then I volunteered to saw them the night life in Athens. They seem pleased very much. I gave them my phone number and we we arranged an appointment for the evening.

I went to their hotel with my car and we went out for a quick dinner and after at a bar nearby. After a few drinks we went in a good mood. The bar was full of people and we were much tightened so the contact of our bodies they were inevitable. The smell of Alice was supremacy and my dick was rock hard. Alice was standing between me and Steve and sometime her tight ass touched my dick. She must enjoy that because she gave me a big smile. We were talking and laughing for a while and then Alice talked to Steve ear’s. After that Steve smile to me and told me that they wanted to go to their hotel. I afraid because I believed that the accidental contact that had with Alice had spoiled their mood. I ‘m not a sex maniac and I didn’t want to have that opinion about me. So we jump into the car with Alice in the front seat and Steve at the back. Alice stood in such way that her dress was raised upon and I was able to see her beautiful legs.

My hart beats went crazy when I realize that Steve had begun to play with her tits. My dick has almost ripped my trousers. Suddenly as we passing throw a street that hasn’t a lot of traffic a felt a hand touching my dick over my trousers. Was her hand??? No was Steve’s hand. He said wow when he touched me. After that Alice bent between my legs and she took out my dick from the trousers started to lick me very slowly. It was so kinky. At the same time Steve gave me a massage at my shoulders. We arrived at their hotel very quickly and we went to their room. We have started to kiss each other in the elevator and before we reached their room I had lost half of my clothes. They laid me at the bed and they started to suck my dick both. A little time has passed when Alice left my dick and wends to Steve’s dick sucking him to. “Yes lick me that way “ I said to Steve “you are doing so well”. Alice said how horny it was making her watching us. As she sucked Steve’s dick I moved my head between her legs and started to lick her pussy, she was very wet and her juices were flowing all over. She got up and after I put on a condom she sat on my cock, and I slowly started to fuck her. Steve sat back for a minute admiring the view, watching Alice bouncing up and down on my cock. I was very turned on by now.

Alice started to moan. She was turning her head left and right, and cuming on my dick. Then she told me that she wanted to see me fucking her husband. Steve had already stood on his knees and waiting for his turn. I started fuck his tight ass and it was amazing how easy I stuck my cock in his asshole because of his wife cum on my dick. Alice started to finger her pussy very hard. They she jumps up and games beside me and start to rubbed at my back. Steve was enjoying it. Then I began to bang his arse, with heavy deep thrusts. I could feel my dick inside him. Soon I started thrusting like a piston. My dick grew bigger in his hole, and then I said “I'm creaming your hole”. I gave four or five really deep thrusts, and came deep inside his ass. He continued wanking his dick, within seconds he was bucking, with my dick still inside him, he fired his sperm all over the bed, and collapsed the tree of us. We lay on bed with me between them and we felt asleep. This is my story and I want to thank you Steve and Alice for the first of the great nights that they shared with my in Athens. Kisses wherever you are now. I hope to read this story.

The story will continue with describes from our visits in a gay club and in an adult theater.