Written by k & l

22 Nov 2004

After months of talking my wife into going to a swing club in sheffield uk she finally agreed. We arrived at the club and was shown around along with some other new couples & single guys we then had a beer or two then wanderd around and ended up in the pool, clothes had been put in a locker and all we had on was a towel. W was ok untill a guy got in beside her she then got nervous and we got out had a few more beers and went upstairs there was lots of single guys hanging around the various rooms I thought at this point that W who did not seem too happy would be asking to leave pretty soon, I went for a pee and when I came back she was chatting to a couple of guys I was hoping that they could persuade her to go into one of the rooms by this time the drink was taking effect and she was abit tipsy and was laughing and joking with the guys by this there was about 8 or 9 guys around her. Out the blue she took hold of my arm and said come on then and led me into a room with a large cushioned area dropped her towel and laid down, one of guys the put his head between her legs and asked me if it was ok I nodded and he went down on her another guy approached her looked at me for approval and put his cock near her face W got hold of it and started to suck him, after awhile she turned over with her arse in the air and the guy who licking her put his cock (with a condom) inside her and fucked her for a short while before coming then another guy with a condom got behind her and fucked her the guy at the other end had just cum and was replaced by another who had a massive cock, At this point the one fucking pulled away and was replaced by a guy who had a condom in his hand he had his big cock at the entrance of W he asked if he should put the condom on I felt so excited after afew seconds shook my head with that he slid his cock into My wife and proceeded to fuck her slow at first then faster she was loving it and moving to meet his thrusts while sucking at the other end I watched as he gripped her arse with both hands stopped thrusting and came inside her the guy at the other end groaned and W swallowed his cum another guy got behind her didn't ask if should wear a condom and fucked till he filled her full of spunk, she ended up on her back and over about 2 hrs was fucked by about 12 guys, 5 came inside her and she swallowed 4 lots of spunk, back at the hotel I licked her pussy and fucked her twice that night and once in the morning she was sore for a week after but has said last night when are we going again, what a change in a wife hope I don't regret it but I've been wanking ever since on what happened that night,