Written by Angie and Rod

15 Mar 2004

I have been with my wife for 10 years now, She is a very sexy shapely 33 year old with a 36D 24 36 figure. Lovely Dark shoulder length curly hair, Brown eyes and nice smooth tanned skin. .Over the years, where ever we have gone she has always been a head turner. And I have been very proud to have her on my arm. We have always had a good healthy sex life and she has always been very loving. I am 6 years older and for the past couple of years I have had secret fantasies that involved my wife. The normal sort of stuff girl-girl 3-sums and mmf 3somes.I would never have dreamed to mention them, until one night we were out with friends and the subject of fantasy came up, it was a laugh and a few things were said all prity tame.

When we got home Angie (my wife) came me a fantastic Bj in our Hallway. I said wow….your a bit horny. What brought that on, .the drink? She said no the conversation of Fantasy. My heart leapt a beat…….I picked her up and took her into the front room and gave her a damn good seeing to in every possible position. As we lay there I asked her what would be her fantasy, she said the normal stuff, sex on the beach etc. I said no really you can tell me it is just fantasy……She turned it around on me and asked mine…I was going to say girl –girl but for some reason said to see her with another man. At first she seemed taken aback……..Really. You would let another man have sex with me….I said…….maybe…The thought turned me on…..the conversation got deeper and I asked her in the last 10years had she been faithful she said. Yes 100%....I said you never even been tempted…...No was her reply………Have you ever had offers? .I asked her… Offers. Well yes of course I have had offers…. When how many?...often and lots was her answer?

Do I know any of the people who have made these offers? She was a bit reluctant… Then she named John, .John who?.......John from down the road she said! ……………I laughed ……Old John, …….Angie a little annoyed. Yes but he is not that old. He is only in his early 60’s……The way she said it , I could tell there was an interest on her part. What has he offered then? He has offered to take me to dinner and out for trips……….Has he now, I said Angie.he probably just wants to get into your knickers…She said …..Yes……hopefully! Hopefully” what do you mean by that? Angie looked at me and said.its a compliment isn’t it,…..if a man wants to sleep with me because he finds me attractive! I was stunned!

A few days passed and I came home from work to find Angie in full kit black stockings suspenders, knickers lacy bra the full works. She put a brandy in my hand and then hit the music.. On came the stripper music and Angie done the horniest strip I have ever seen, which culminated with her on her knees deep- throating me. As she knelt there I said to her .I are you to do that strip for John. She laughed. So I said it again…She looked at me and said .Don’t dare what you don’t want……..I said it again…….I dare you to strip for John. She said…..just strip…what about this, taking my cock back in her mouth…..WOW. My mind raced my heart was doing cartwheels.

I said you do anything. You like……….Anything…..she smiled and finished me off!

The next day I got call at work form Angie, asking what time I would be home from work……….. Because she had invited! John round to fix the stereo………STEREO…. Nothing wrong with the bloody stereo.....part two on way....