Written by Satisfied UK man!!

10 Jul 2005

This is a true story, we are both in our 40's and enjoy a very good sex life. Until today we have never had sex outside, my wife who is a size 10 slim with a very sexy body was making good use of the sun as she was sunbathing topless in the back garden. I went outside and saw her just lying there so I went over to her and started playing with her nipples, she started to get aroused and said "Do you want sex" I replied that we could after I've got her wet by playing with her very sensitive nipples. She said "there is no way that we are going to have sex out here in the garden". After a while of teasing her breast's I worked my way down to her thighs and then started gently rubbing her pussy. I could tell that she was getting really horny so I went to work on her clit. She was starting to move her hips in time with my finger working on her clit and moaning in a way which suggested she was nerly ready to accept something inside her pussy. My cock by this time was fighting to be released from my shorts. I moved a little closer to her and she put her hand around my throbbing cock, I took this as a sign that she had reached the point that she did'nt care we were outside she needed to be fucked there and then. I moved around between her legs and eased her bikini bottoms to one side and guided my cock inside of her soaking wet pussy, we started to fuck as though there was no tomorrow and did'nt care that the neighbours could see if they happened to look across, I was really fucking her hard when I stopped and sai to her " do you want to go inside to continue"? with that she angrily said "DONT STOP JUST FUCK ME" I have never seen her act like this before, I continued to fuck her hard until we both came, after she just lay there on the grass legs still slightly parted and her eyes closed. I said "God that was good" She just sat up my cum started to dribble from her pussy onto the grass and said "I can't believe we just did that, I hope the neighbours did'nt see" I said "did it excite you that they might well have seen"? She just sat there gently rubbing the outside of her wet pussy and said "Are you nearly ready for a repeat performance"?

I hope we have more warm sunny Sunday afternoons!!!!!!!!!!