Written by Tony

14 May 2005

I was married to Tracey we had a raunchy sex life with lots of role play and fantasy, usually involving being watched or group sex scenarios. I never suggested that we actually act out any of these just enjoyed myself. Tracey has dark hair brown eyes 32b boobs with really perky nipples and is shaven. She invited her best mate Amanda and boyfriend Chris round for dinner one Friday and all went well, plenty of booze was consumed and Tracey got flirty with Chris. I didnt mind cos Amanda was devoting a lot of attention to me at the same time, long lingering glances, finger tips brushing and every touch seemed electrified. We moved to the sofas after dinner and Chris and I were sitting directly opposite each other with a cofee table between us. The girls came in giggling and Amanda sat next to me while Tracey sat very close to Chris.

He shot a glance at me but I was too relaxed to worry and shrugged.

Tracey then announced that she told Amanda about some of our video collection and asked if I minded her showing some to Amanda and Chris. Fits of laughter and leg pulling but we settled down to watch.

I watched as Tracey leaned back in to Chris and pulled his arm across her chest as she snuggled in to watch, kicking off her shoes and swinging her legs up on the sofa. Her dress fell to one side slightly and I could see up her legs as far as the lacy edge of her stocking tops. Amanda and I looked at each other, sort of sizing up the situation and she snuggled back in to me in the same way.

The movie was a good one, not just a banging away biology lesson and as we watched my cock started to swell and get harder which was fine but there was no way that Amanda couldnt have felt it. She moved slightly and I thought she was moving away but she seemed to make slow intermittent movements designed to arouse me further, almost imperceptibly though so I wasnt sure and Im sure Tracey had no idea. I looked over quickly to see how things were and whether Chris had noticed but he was glued to the video. Tracey however caught my eye, smiled at me, deliberately looked at Amanda and then slowly winked at me.

As she did so she she took Chris by the hand and stroked his finger tips across her nipple which immediately perked up. I watched and Chris seemed to freeze initially then glanced at me, with a worried look. I must have looked relaxed and smiled as he looked back at the screen and carried on stroking my wifes nipple through her dress, all very horny and my cock seemed to surge somewhat. More by request out of words!

Understandably I suppose, Amanda reacted to this and looked round at me and held my gaze for a moment before she looked at Tracey and for the first time saw what Chris was doing to Traceys nipple. Tracey smiled across at her and nodded and nudged Chris who looked sheepishly across at Amanda as if he expected a bollocking. I couldn't see what Amanda did but Chris grinned and moved his hand to the back of Traceys head, tilting it back in his hand and leaning forward to kiss her, gently at first and then fully on the lips. I was transfixed at this, especially as I first saw his tongue probe my wifes lips and then her own as her lips parted and she responded. Leaning back like this caused her back to arch and thrust her boobs against the cloth of her blouse and the outline of her nipples showed clearly and Chris brought his other hand round to cup her left breast and then gently roll her nipple in his finger tips. Tracey reacted to this and moved her boy rhythmically against Chris, especially the front of his trousers where her arse was touching him.

I was glued to this and getting very aroused when I suddenly felt Amanda bring herself to the kneeling position facing me and as I turned to look at her she leant forward and kissed me. This was quite the horniest thing I had ever experienced, I was amazed at how turned on I was by watching Tracey and then to be kissed by the very lovely Amanda was amazing enough. What she did next was even better.

Amanda had on one of those cross over tops that she moved her left hand to and slowly pulled to one side allowing first her left breast and then her right to fall free and to brush my shirt front, she then took my hand, grinned at me and looked across at Chris while she placed my hand on her left breast. She was a bigger girl than Tracey and her boob filled my hand with the sudden hardness of the nipple gratifying as my extended fingers stroked her breast to the point of her nipple.

We kissed whilst I did this and as we paused for breath I looked over at Tracey. She had her bouse open now and both boobs were exposed while both she and Chris watched us and chris had a boob in each hand, tweaking her nipples. they were still gently gyrating against each other.

I was pleased that we were so obviously turning them on and it seemed to become almost a game at that point, I raised a quizzical eyebrow at Tracey as if to say, top this and she responded by turning on her side towards me and sliding down the sofa.

This brought her boobs level with Chris' crotch and she raised her right leg until the skirt fell away exposing all her legs to her stocking tops and most of her black and lacy french knickers. It was clear to everyone from the obvious bulge that Chris had been concealing a huge erection behind Traceys back and Traceys hand now described the outline of this bulge before she started to undo his belt, all the while casting looks at both me and Amanda.

Chris had a button fly and as she popped each button his cock seemed to be gradually released and to emerge to my wifes caresses. When she had his fly completely open the tip of his cock peeked over the top of his pants and Traceys hand enveloped the shaft, she hooked the top of his pants down and his cock sprang free. Amanda hadn't moved through this, and I noticed a sharp intake of breath as Chris's cock came free.

Tracey held his pants down while she took his cock in the other hand and squeezed it before easing it fully erect and at an angle to his body. Chris had a respectable size cock with a good two inches extending beyond the grip of my wifes' right hand. She started to stroke him and then tilted her head so that she was alomost looking at me around his shaft. She held my eyes as she leaned slightly forward and very slowly and with a huge smile on her face she licked the length of his cock, very slowly and very deliberately before her lips closed over his glans and she took him in to her mouth slowly teasing the head of his cock with her tongue and rolling it round in her mouth. I love this sensation when she does this to me and could only imagine how Chris felt.

After a few seconds of this the spell that amanda was under seemed to break and she turned back to me with almost a look of right, lets show them!

She stood up and unhooking her skirt let it fall to the ground exposing her long legs and the tiniest panties with ties at the side. she had no bra on and was a glorious sight.

She pulled me to my feet and yanked off my shirt before kneeling in front of me and undoing my belt and my black jeans. I was turned away from Tracey and Chris but she pulled me round and moved so that they could both see what she was doing. She took my cock from my pants and began to stroke it with one hand whilst her other hand was running all over my body and then on to hers. I noticed that she was tweaking her boobs and that she had arched her back towards Tracey and Chris on the other sofa.

Tracey was on one elbow now with Chris' cock in her mouth and her other hand inside her panties. This hand was moving gently but her gaze was fixed on the sight of my cock in Amandas mouth which only made me harder and I could feel my cock head being reamed with her tongue as she gave me an excellent blow job.