Written by Peter C.

21 Jan 2005

For nearly a year my wife and I have been considered sleeping with other people. I am 41, Debbie is 35 and we have been together for 12 years. When Debbie comes home from a night out playing darts or with the girls, I would always be keen to hear if she'd been chatted up. I also enjoyed useing vibrators and other toys on her and imagining I was watching her with another man. She would sometimes bring home a magazine from work and I confessed to her that I enjoyed looking at the pictures of naked men with her. I even went as far as admitting to her that I would willingly suck another man's cock. This turned her on and she often "makes" me give her dildo a blow-job and puts my own spunk in my mouth.

One night when she came home a little pissed, I asked Debbie how far she would go with another man. I thought maybe she'd snog someone or rub his cock through his trousers or let him feel her tits through her top. I was quite shocked when she said that, providing they had a comdom, she would probably fuck him! "Would you tell me?", I asked. "No chance!", she replied. Although surprised, I was really turned on by this and realised that I would enjoy her having sex with someone else as long as she came home and told me all about it. We discussed this from time to time and agreed various ground rules - I didn't want her to fuck anyone I knew or worked with (although I think she had a couple of my work colleagues in mind!) and they must use condoms (for health reasons - Debbie has been sterilised so can't get pregnant.)

Nothing happened foe a little while, until a delivery driver where Debbie works started paying her attention. He took her out a couple of times but nothing happened. Then after a girl's night out, Debbie came home having been to a club and told me she'd been a "naughty girl". My prick stiffened as she told me that she had been chatted up by a black guy, and within 15 minutes had put his hand on her bare thigh and they had snogged in a quiet corner - tongues and all! Things didn't go any further because she had to help one of her very pissed friends home, otherwise I think he would have fucked my wife in his car! I spanked her for being naughty, which she loved, then fucked her vigourously. I think this was a test to see how I handled her confession and to see if I got annoyed or jealous. I didn't, so Debbie took things a stage further.

Before Christmas, Debbie told that a young customer at the shop she works in had started chatting her up. He knew how old she was, and that she is married with kids, but he wasn't bother about that. "I prefer older women", he told my wife. She admitted to me that she was very flattered that this lad of 23 fancied her and that if he asked her out, she'd be very tempted. I eagerly agreed that she should go for it and take things as far as felt comfortable. The fact that she works in the town he lives in (15 miles away) was a bonus. I didn't know anything about him apart from his age and his Christian name. Sure enough, on Christmas Eve young Chris asked Debbie out, although she didn't agree straight away. She did kiss him under the mistletoe though and checked with me that I was still agreeable.

The day after her 35th birthday, she said she'd be late home from work and showed me a new pack of three condoms in her handbag. I spent the day at work semi-aroused and went to the supermarket that evening to do the shopping alone, but it was very difficult knowing what my wife was doing!

When I met her at the station, she had a satisfied smirk on her face, and although we'd agreed to wait and talk about in bed, she kissed me and said "he's not as good as you!"

When we got in, she received a raunchy text message from Chris and phoned him to thank him whilst I was laying beside her. She then explained that after a couple of drinks, Chris had taken her back to his flat. He fondled her arse most of the way there. Once inside and in his bedroom, he took off her T-shirt and bra and rubbed, kissed and nibbled her breasts, before pulling down her trousers and panties. Once in bed, he admired her tattoos and pierced belly button and said what a lovely body she had. Debbie said that he stripped naked and although he was a bit smaller than me, she thouroughly enjoyed the sight and feel of his young, eager body. Unexpected to me was that Chris fucked her three times that evening. I can usually only manage once, but forgot that this lad was a lot younger than me! Debbie climaxed all three times; the second time was with her on top. I thrilled at her description of their love-making and soon had to give her her fourth fuck of the evening!

Working around her shifts and my shifts, Debbie is allowed to see her "bit on the side" once or twice a week and is going to stay over once a month. Although Debbie says he is a bit inexperienced, she is sure she can teach him some new tricks! Chris doesn't know I know about him. He just wants sex, and Debbie and I are fine with that!