Written by zippy

2 Jan 2006

i was told of this site by a friend of mine and would like to tell you a story about myself. this happened over 20 years ago when i was 17 and lived at homw with my mother. We live in a very small village in the north of Scotland and in winter time we regulary get loads of snow. i was working on a local farm at the time and was on my weekend off, i usually worked one weekend on and one weekend off.

Anyway one morning my mother woke me up and told me that one of the older women in the village had phoned and asked if i would like some extra money clearing snow from her drive as she was expecting her son and his new wife up that afternoon.I was up in her house for 7 o clock with my shovel and flask and ready for work. I knocked on her door and told her i was here and proceded to clear the snow. She lived about quarter of a mile from the village had a very long driveway to her house.After about two hours of clearing she shouted at me telling me there was a cup of tea in the kitchen. i walked to the house took my wellingtons off and sat next to the table and had we drank our tea. My trouses were absolutly soaking due to the snow and Mrs J commented on how i would catch my death if i didnt dry them out. Mrs J was about 50 - 55 and had a decent figure on her, and her husband had died many years ago.She told me to take my trousers off so that she could dry them for me. She gave me a towel but i was too enbaressed to take them off. Any way after some banter i took them off and sat in the kitchen while my trousers dried off on the range. I was siting there with a rather small towel round my self waiting for my trousers to dry and the phone went. Mrs J answered it and came back a and said that her son had decided to cancel his visit because of the snow and would try and cume up tomorrow.

I was sitting there feeling very embaressed when Mrs J went to the cupboard and stretched up to get some items on the top shelf as she turned around i noticed the her trouser bottoms and gone in to her and she had a fantastic camel toe. I could feel my cock growing and was cursing myself and not knowing where to put my self when Mrs J threw my trousers at me telling my that they had dried. I stood up to catch them and she noticed my my cock sticking out in front of me. My face was on fire because of my embaressment.She walked over to me and told me off for being so rude in front of her. I nearly fainted. She came up close and grabed the towel and pulled it off me and i stood in front of her with a massive erection which i thought was going to burst at any time!!

She started to wank me very slowly and told me how big i was and how she like to wank cocks. I couldent hold on much longer and told her i was about to come and she wanked me harder as i came all over her hands.

She then told me to take all my colthes off and go into the front room and wait for her. i was standing in the front room with still a massive hard on when she walked in. She had a black see thru lacey set on which looked fantastic on her her tits were very firm and you could see the mound of her pussy. She walked up to me and went down on her knees and took me in her mouth - fucking heaven.

She sucked and sucked me for about 10 minutes when i felt her hand go around and start to stroke my arse.She brought her finger down the crack of my arse and gently brushed my ring with her finger and it felt great. She must have been testing the water so to speak and then wet her finger and started to finger fuck me as she sucked me. this was the first time any one had ever done this to me and to be honest didnt think that this kind of thing went on. She must have felt be tense up ready to cume because she increased her speed and gave one fuck of an orgazam. i came and came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot and carried on sucking untill i had to take my cock out of her mouth because it was soooo sensaitve.

She then sat down in front of me and started to play with herself, pulling her lips apart and fingering herself waiting for me to get hard again. i went on my knees in front of her and started to lick her cunt for her and fingering her at the same time. she was going wild on the chair i was sucking her clit and fingering her and i then started to tease her ring with my other hand and she immediatly came all over me. i wet my finger with her juice and inserted my finger into her arse and was still sucking her clit and fingering her. She was going absolutly mad screaming shouting and bucking her hips. She started shouting that she was going to cum and if i stopped now she would fucking kill me. She had a massive orgazam flooding the place. she pulled me close to her and thanked me between panting.

she had her head on my shoulder and her hand went down to my cock and she started wanking me again. i was rock hard again and she commented on how long my erections were lasting.she pushed me to the floor and i was lying on my back and she started sucking me again. i was lying on my back with my legs wide apart and she was sucking my sack while her hands were pinching my nipples, she moved around and licked my ring. i moved her around into a 69 so i could lick her cunt and ring while fingering her as well.

She came again all over my face covered me in her stickey juice. Fantastic. she then squatted on my cock and fucked me very slowly untill i filled her with my spunk.

I spent many a weekend with Mrs J after this and she taught me everything she knew about sex., but hey thats another story!