Written by Watcher

19 Nov 2006

My love of watching started when my ex girlfriend Jackie and I were at a birthday party at a club in essex. She was 25 I was 40. It was a weeknight and all the others had left about 11.30 as they had work the next day- we had taken the day off. I went off to get some drinks and when I got back Jackie was really keen to tell me something. 'That guys so gorgeous' she said. Now i knew she was a horny bitch and we had had some great sex while she told me of her sexual adventures with other guys but her excitement about this guy was a bit of a shock. I played along saying why was he so great etc. t turned out he was 22 blonde and good looking. She said she would love to tease him a bit. So I agreed that she could go over and see what happened.The club was agreat place to watch as it had an upper floor so u could see the dance floor and all around it. At 12 midnight they always put on a couple of slow dances on so Jackie went down and stood next to the guy who was at the bar. They started to chat almost straight away and were laughing at 12 he obviously asked if they could dance. In no time his hands were all over her great arse which she knew was one of her best assets. She had black spray on trousers and a white top.As you can probably imagine his hands were al over her in no time and she seemed to be loving it. Then the kissing started. I was getting really excited from my viewpoint and was trying not to let the crowd around me se that i was staring at this horny couple below. I couldnt believe how Jackie was getting into it- and then she slid her hand in his trousers! The dance ended and she made the excuse of going to the loo to come up and see me. 'he wants to come home with me!' she told me. I nearly cum in my pants. Any way we plotted and i drove home then and she would follow with him in his car- I'd hide in our flat and hopefully watch what developed around the door

I got home and hid in the dark in the hall between the bedroom and the lounge. After what seemed ages they arrived.After some muffled chat she came into the hall and said how far could she go? I agreed that she could go as far as she wanted. she smiled and winked. We left the door slighly open so i could look around the door. Well the kissing turned to more and soon she was sripping him off. They were on the floor and she was greedily sucking his cock as he lay back enjoying every minute. I nearly fainted when she said to him- are you clean? He nodded so without condom she got astride him and rode him hard till he shot his load. all the while i was staring amazed but horny as hell around the door.I thought when he had cum that she would send him on his way- no way. after only 5 minutes-I timed it- she was working his cock with her hand and he was responding. He slide over her and fucked her for a second time. He fucked her 2 more times and it was him who said he had nothing left so put his clothes on and left. I went in the room as Jackie lay exhausted but smiling broadly. Wow i said how horny was that- she said did i enjoy the show. As i knelt down to kiss her i could see the carpet was well covered in his cum. I rolled her onto her knees and fucked her doggy- I lasted about a minute as the excitement of the last few hours had pushed me to the edge. This started a series of outings to clubs to 'play' as we caled our game