Written by Derek/Ann

8 Mar 2005

Well it had been about two weeks since Bill had "fixed us and our computer up" and we had an email off him asking about our hard drive upgrade, Ann smiled at the email content and said "not only the hard drive on his mind I bet", as he quite openly told us in his mail how much he had enjoyed himself in helping me fuck Ann to fullfilment.

I emailed back asking for price estimate, and he immediately emailed back stating "You pay for the parts, Ann can pay the labour"!!!!!!.

Bills wife Glo was away the next weekend at her Mothers so we arranged for the Friday evening around 7-30, I logged on on the Friday morning and found an email to Ann saying " I hope you don't mind but I have had this fantasy of you opening the door to me wearing Nothing but black underwear, stockings and high heels, (not even a dressing gown)"just asking you this has made me feel horny, can you oblige ?. Ann emailed back, "see what I can do, see you later" xx.

Around 6-00 that evening Ann got into the bath and had a good relaxing soak, also shaving her legs, as long as she did not shave anywhere else, as Ann has the most amazing profusion of Auburn hair around her pussy and I have always enjoyed stroking and licking it, Bill had commented last time how nice it was, as Glo apparantly is totally clean shaved.I took her a glass of wine in and washed her back for her, I finished up washing her all over including at the end running my fingers along and into a very open, wet, and expectant pussy, Ann moaning a little as my finger tips just caught her already swollen clit.

I showered, dressed and readied myself. At about 6-50 Ann sauntered into the lounge "what do you think" she asked. I was speechless. Hair and makeup immaculate, black platform bra,matching g-string pants, with matching suspender belt and black stockings, a pair of high heeled strappy shoes, and to finish off a string of white pearls around her neck and dropping down into her cleavage.I did not need to speak, my eyes said it all, I walked over to her, took her in my arms and kissed her deeply, running my hands all over her smooth perfumed skin before running my fingers along her groin and through the profusion of hair hanging out the leg of her g-string, Ann moaned and I moaned, gosh she was hot and up for it tonight !!!! I thought.

By 7-30 I was sat on the computer and I heard Bills car pull onto the drive, I called to Ann and spun in my chair so I could look out into the hall, and into the mirror, from here I would see Bill's and Ann's reactions.

As the bell rang Ann gave me a very sultry sexy smile and then went to the door.

As the door opened I watched Bill's reaction in his eyes, they seemed to stick right out as he drank in her beauty and elegance, he stepped in dropped his bag down and they melted into each others arms, immediately deep kissing, his hands all over her bare flesh. Ann lifted a leg up and across his waist, and Bill by the sound of her groans had already slipped a finger or two into her pussy. They continued like this for a min. or two before Ann pulled away "Hard drive first", is all she said and suddenly Bill was in the room with me with a huge grin on his face as he set to work dismantling the tower and doing what he had to do.

Over the next hour or so Ann kept on coming in to see how things were progressing and on each visit turned the sexuality stakes up another notch,by just running her hands over either Bill's or my neck or shoulder, even a small peck on the back of Bill's neck as he worked away.

"OK" Bill announced let's get this up and running and the computer buzzed into life, Bill was sat in my chair and Ann was standing behind him gently stroking his shoulders and running her finger nails across the back of his neck,his fingers gliding swiftly over the keyboard. Bill shuddered on occasions,Ann did too as I was running my hands up her legs and touching her up in all the right places, Ann suddenly pulled Bill's shirt up over his head and threw it to one side before stroking and gliding her fingers over his chest, concentrating on arousing his nipples, this he seemed to enjoy !!!

I slipped my fingers into Ann's G string, her wet lips opening easily to accept my fingers, seemingly being sucked into her open wet folds.Ann moaned and groaned as I gently but deeply finger fucked her, she dropped her bra straps and rubbed her bare breasts against Bill's neck, her nipples sticking out longer than I had seen them for ages,her arousal was more evident as she leant further down and attacked Bill's belt and zipper, her hand delving and soon finding a "very" erect 6inch cock which she was soon wanking at and rubbing her thumb across his blood engorged knob end, she wiped her finger across and took his first release of juice, rubbing it into her nipples, before then offering her wet slippery nipple first one to Bill and then the other to me. We lapped away sucking and licking at her superb pert 34/b's.

"That's it for tonight" Bill said. "Can you close everything down as I can't take any more of this".

He was up out of the chair ,taking Ann's hand and whisking her away leaving me to it.

It took me about five mins.to close all down and join them in the back lounge,I walked along the hall walking passed first a bra, then trousers and pants, then a g-string followed by a pair of socks. Ann had already put the quilt down and by the time I was through the door they were both stripped and into a sixty nine, sucking, kissing and licking at each other, the room smelt of sex, Ann's superb womanly mature aroma filled the air, Ann had her backside towards me and she was open, like a split peach as Bill tongued and fingered at her, she moaned and groaned forcing herself down onto his wet and shiny face, her liquids running down his cheeks, his cock rose up magnificently from his groin as Ann pulled away and sucked and kissed him. Ann must have sensed him on the verge of coming and stopped for a while.

She smiled up at me , "strip off it's your turn". Within seconds I was naked and in Bill's place looking up and into this superb wet pussy and feeling Ann's mouth around my manhood. I was not ready for what happened next though, Bill was suddenly shuffling in behind Ann and I witnessed a "real close up" of my wife getting fucked as Bill slid his length straight into her only two inches from my face.

This must be the ultimate in wife watching.!!!!!

He shouted "take this you bitch" and then went at her good and proper fucking her hard and fast, he was going like a train and Ann by the sound of things was loving it.On and on he went before announcing "here it comes", his thighs and buttocks clenched above me and I watched in amazement as he fired off jet after jet of hot come into my wifes open and very receptive body.

Bill collapsed over Ann's back fighting for his breath, Ann was just gurgling away,"lovely,lovely" was all she said. Bill dropped away from her and I looked up to see this pulsating throbbing hole above me,dripping with Bill's come, what a sight !!!, I asked Ann to stay just as she was and I slipped out from underneath and got in position just as Bill had done. My own throbbing cock sliding easily into her soaking hole, I relaxed for a few seconds before starting to fuck into her, Bill slipped his fingers underneath Ann and gently stroked across her engorged clit as I picked up the pace, this went on for only a minute or so before Ann announced "I'm coming" "so am I" and with that I lunged into her with allthe force I could muster and Bill frigged away at her clit, suddenly we were both shaking violently as wave after wave hit us, me firing off deeply into her, and Ann shaking and calling out her pleasure as she trembled through a fantastic climax.

It took us a while to settle down and get our breath back , before Ann stood up, we could see our mingled juices running down her thighs and onto her stocking tops. Ann fetched us all a drink, and we agreed a very nice evening had come to a very nice conclusion.

Bill smiled at Ann, "The softwear might need a tweak in a couple of weeks time". Ann and I burst out laughing, Ann knowing she had a couple of weeks to regain her composure.