Written by Derek and Ann

20 Jun 2005

Hello again,well it has been a while since we had any contact with Bill, always busy and not being able to get away,also no problems with computer.

That is untill last week I was having trouble transfering photo's onto disk,I had tried all I know but no good,"Why don't you email Bill" Ann suggested, "I am sure he will help.I did just that but had no reply,Ann went to our daughters for a week and was surprised that Bill had not made contact so she rang to see if all was well.

No problem really just very busy,he asked if he could call round "Solo" on Monday afternoon around 4pm."Look forward to seeing you then"answered Ann.

On Monday Ann text him "looking forward to the service", he text back "Yes should be good".

Ann showered and perfumed herself and put on a new gold thong with matching bra,a wrap over silky skirt, and a wrap over Ballerina type top.She looked stunning a nice cleavage on display.She came over and kissed me deeply. "You OK","MMMM fine just a bit excited I guess".I stroked my hand up her bare thigh and yes she was getting excited,her warmth spreading down her thighs and I only just caught her on the clit and she jumped before pulling back,smiling,"save it for a while".

4-15 came and a text from Bill, "On my way be there in ten mins".

Ten mins later the bell rang and Ann answered the door I went into the kitchen and let them say hello for a min or so,Bill then came through followed by Ann it was already noticeable his hands had been busy as her top was pulled about and Ann already had that I've been touched up look about her.

"Cup of tea" "yes please,I'll go through and boot up and see whats happening". With that he took Ann's hand and they left for the computer room.

I made the tea,walked down the passage, and was amazed to find Ann already stripped of her top,bra and skirt, Bill sat in the chair his mouth locked onto Ann's right nipple and his other hand tweaking the other one,Ann looked at me,smiled and then closed her eyes as an obvious wave of pleasure washed over her."Tea up" I called, Bill pulled back "sorry mate I just couldn't wait to feel these superb breasts any longer".

I told Bill the trouble I was having,"Show me", So I got my camera out and Bill pulled Ann over to him,I expected Ann to pull away but instead she smiled at me and I flashed away a couple of pictures of Bill kissing and fondling her breasts,his hand then slipped into the side of her thong and I took a couple of his hand stroking her pussy,her thong was removed next and I took one or two of her naked with Bills fingers deep in her pussy.

"That should be enough" he smiled, before setting about showing me where I was going wrong transfering them onto disk,all the time Ann stood behind him stroking his arms and neck while I stood behind Ann keeping her on the boil by stroking her bum.

"Right take a couple more pictures and see if you've got that" so I did as he asked and was soon sitting in the chair transferring the photo's over to disk,I heard a noise behind me and looked around to find Bill totally naked and the noise I heard was his slip slap of his wet foreskin slipping up and down as Ann tossed him off,they were kissing deeply and I slipped my hand from the back in between her legs only to find Bill's fingers already there, plenty of room though and I slipped a couple of my fingers in alongside his.Ann whimpered and buckled at the knees slightly as we both finger fucked her for a while.

"Seems like you've got it then" as the new pitures came onto the screen. "let's leave him to it" Ann said and gripping Bill by his cock led him away to our back lounge.

Ann had already layed out the quilt on the floor and I heard Bill comment "All ready for this then". "Too right" Ann answered before it all went quiet.

It took me about three mins to close everything down and by the time I got to the back lounge Ann was flat on her back and Bill's tongue was busying itself between her legs the noisy slurping sounds were fantastic as he kissed and lapped at her, suddenly he lifted up and speared her onto his hard cock, Ann groaned as he slipped balls deep into her,her legs wrapped around him pulling him in deep,he started a nice steady pace pulling right out before spearing hard and deep back in to her.Ann looked over his shoulder smiling at me,"get undressed and join us.

I quickly stripped and went back for the camera, Ann didn't say a word as I took picture after picture of Bill either fucking or fingering her,she was even wanking and sucking me while he took,and gave her pleasure.

All too soon Bill announced he couldn't hold back any longer and fired off his juices into her waiting pussy,he then kissed her before slipping over and laying by her side getting his breath back.

I lay on the other side and pushed a couple of fingers into her wet pussy,she was saturated and I started pumping my fingers in and out and rubbing them across her clit."I need to come" Ann said,I started to tease her clit before she gently stopped me and said "Watch".Bill and I grinned at her and watched as she tossed and wanked herself,her head started going from side to side and her hand was a blur swiftly rubbing through her loveley dark soft pussy hair,soon she was shaking all over the place as a huge orgasm ripped through her.

She leant over kissing Bill while my fingers pumped at her again,she then lay back down taking a cock in each hand and started to wank us both off,I gave her another clit while she and Bill kissed away,she came again gripping my hand between her thighs before spinning over onto her knees.

"Fuck me""Fuck me from the back",she hissed ,I looked down and her pussy was open like a wet split peach, hers and Bill's juices glistening on her thighs,I easily slipped my length into her,Bill grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots of my cock sliding in and out of her and I took a couple of Ann across her back with Bill's cock in her mouth,I then proceeded to fuck her good and proper and was soon adding my juices to theirs before I too lay down spent next to them.

Ann was now sat alongside Bill wanking him furiously so I took a couple more shots beforwe leaving them to it to make sure I could remember how to do the transfers.

I heard Bill groan as Ann obviously had brought him off with her hand,(and mouth as she told me later)a few mins later they joined me(still naked) and we looked at the pictures on the screen before Bill cleaned himself up and it was time for him to leave.

By the time he had got home, I had fucked Ann once more,pulling out and shooting over her gorgeous tits, and fucked her again at bedtime.

Ann looked at me and said "I wonder how many times you and Bill would have me if he ever stayed over one night" I just raised my eyebrows and smiled. "Who Knows".