Written by Graham and Corrine

26 Apr 2005

I have just come in from a morning to remember.Iwas busy collecting some papers when the door bell rang. I answered it and found Josette standing there. She explained that her dishwasher was being funny and could I go round and have a look at it before she called in a plumber. I said I would be round in 5 minutes.

I arrived at the house and she answered the door. 'Come in,' she said 'its in the kitchen. Do you want a coffee before you look?' I said yes please.

I noticed she was wearing a tight T shirt which showed her erect nipples off to perfection and I felt a stirring between my legs. I had enjoyed screwing her with Corrine some days ago and remembered her still firm 61 year old body.

I got down to look at the machine and found the problem was a leaking washer. I pulled out the macine and lay on my back to reach the tap. I suddenly became aware of her standing astride me. I looked up and could see the light reflecting throughn her thin cotton skirt onto her fanny.

I could also see some moisture glistening there.

She said 'When you have fixed it perhaps you would like to look into my other leak.' I replaced the washer in double quick time.

'What about the other leak?' I asked. 'That needs seeing to in the bedroom,' she said and took me along a corridor to her bedroom. It had this enormous bed which had come from the states.It was covered in sheepskin drapes. She spread herself out on the drapes and said I had better get my head down and see what the problem was.

I pulled up her skirt and exposed her trimmed red haired pussy and began to examone it.I pulled back her lips and exposed her clit which was frim and pink. I massage this for a while and she arched her back and shuddered to a climax.

'I think thethe problems a little deeper,' I said and slipped my fingers down her crack and into her hole. It was quite tight and very moist.'The problem is definitely in here.It is very wet.' I probed deeper with my finger and found the leak was getting worse as she moaned and shuddered with each movement.

'I need to dry it up' I said and started to lick her slit with my tongue. She began to squeal and squirm. She climaxed several more times and became wetter still. 'It's no good,' I said ' I'll have to get my bung out and place it in your hole and see if that works.'

I dropped my trousers and fetched my throbbing bung out and slowly pushedd it into her leaking hole.'God that feels better, is it working? Perhaps you had better start pumping an see what happens,'she murmered in my ear wich she had begun to nibble. So I started pumping my cock in and out.

'That's great,' she cried 'It feels better all the time.'

I pumped away to her rising sqeals and increasing climaxes

until I came like a train pumping my juices deep inside her.

We lay ther getting our breath back and my limp cock slid from her hole.

She placed her hands between her legs and stroked her slit.'It doesn't seemed to have worked,' she breathed.Licking our jiuces from her fingersshe said that perhaps that would work for a while and I could try my bung again. We did several times but it would not stop the leak.

We said that she would see if the problem persisted and if it did may be I could look at it again sometime.

Corrine has just come in and is reading this as I write.She is slacking herself off so I think I had better post this and get down to see if her plumbing needs any attention.