Written by KandA

14 Feb 2005

We told you previously how we – Alicia and I - had found we were both interested in pushing the sexual boundaries. We kicked off our adventures by having a MMF threesome, with John at his hotel. Whilst we had all been actively involved on the bed and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was a bit later on in the session that I found tremendous excitement just watching him and her together.

Later, Alicia and I discussed what we’d like to do next and amended our listing on the contacts website we were using to emphasise that we were now looking primarily for another woman; Alicia had decided that she’d like to explore her bi side, having had just one tantalising encounter years ago. We kept trying to make contact with females we’d identified on the website, but nobody responded with any great interest, or else they turned out to be time-wasters. Having said that we are quite a difficult match – mostly we can only meet during the day, and not at all at weekends, so that rules out most of the potential contacts who might otherwise like to meet with us. However after a few weeks we were contacted by Jenny, a woman a few year younger than us who wanted to explore her own sexuality.

After several phone calls we met for an early lunch in a pub near her home. It didn’t take too long before we all decided we were fairly comfortable and decided we’d like to take things further and so went back to hers. I was acutely aware of the clock ticking – we had quite a way to travel and had to be back by late afternoon – and so when Jenny went to the kitchen to make a drink, I left Alicia in the sitting room and followed her, came up behind her and asked if it would be ok to cuddle her. Nervously she whispered “yes”, and I put my arms round her and kissed the back of her neck; as I gently caressed her breast and thighs she pushed back against me, trembling, then turned and we kissed, initially softly and sweetly, but then, with rising passion, deeply and with more heat. After a few moments I broke off and went back to the sitting room and told Alicia what we’d been doing, she laughed excitedly and greeted Jenny warmly when she shyly followed me in after a moment or two. I suggested that the two of them get to know each other in a similar manner, but they were both reticent; Alicia countered by saying that I should take Jenny upstairs first, and that she would follow later.

We went up and I undressed and got into bed while she went to the bathroom; she came back wearing a red silk kimono and black stockings; she took off the kimono but kept the stockings on as she got into bed with me. We gently stroked each other; I soon found out that she was very moist, and she exclaimed when she got her hand (almost) around my thick, long cock. Jenny told me that she loved to suck cock, and would I like that. I replied that I would, but only if she’d let me go down on her as well.

Initially I was on top, with my arms under her thighs, gently pulling her lips apart to expose her pinkly-glistening clit to my tongue. First I flicked my tongue up and down (but I find that movement really difficult to keep up for long) so after a while I sucked her clit in and out, before starting a side to side action. Alicia loves that pattern of attention, and Jenny was no different; after a while she was grunting and gasping as her tensions grew. Then suddenly, accompanied by her half-strangled gasps there was a flood! I’d never known a squirter before and Jenny was really embarrassed. She apologised profusely and wasn’t really consoled by my delight at this physical evidence of her orgasm.

Just at this time Alicia joined us and, as she was undressing, was intrigued to hear what had happened (she wasn’t to know that she too would become a squirter in a few months time, as we discovered the true depths of her sensuality – of which more later). She got into bed with us, and for the first time ever I was naked between two wonderful naked sexy willing women. Their hands met as they caressed me, and both gave me oral sex together, their lips finally meeting on my cock. I was then able to become – almost – a spectator, watching them both become increasingly excited by their kisses, and then their caresses as they found each other’s breasts; they became quieter and self absorbed as they started to explore between each other’s legs, just quiet sighs breaking the rustling on skin on skin.

When Alicia is really randy she just can’t stop herself, and this time was no different. “I’m sorry, Jenny, but I’ve just got to have this” (grabbing my cock) “up me”. And with that she climbed on top, inserted the tip of my dick in her wonderfully moist cunt, and sighed with relief as she slid slowly down it, and then began riding me, slowly up and down. Jenny watched for a few moments and then I said that I wanted to give her more of what I’d done previously. And with that she sat astride my face, thereby making one of my fantasies come true: me tonguing one woman, while another rode my cock and them kissing and fondling each other above me. Bliss ! And boys, if you’ve never had it … you’ve never really experienced the best sex.

I don’t come easily, so I was able to participate fully in what we all did for the following hour without my erection flagging, but eventually the girls took a break and it was wonderful looking down on their two flushed faces, side by side on the pillow, hair intermingled, with very happy smiles on their faces. I then gently fucked Jenny while looking deeply into my lovely Alicia’s eyes, and when I came inside Jenny I kissed Alicia as deeply an lovingly as possible, and all three of us felt the most wonderful, magical moment.

When two people are in the height of a lover’s ecstasy what they have is greater than two; when Alici and I were with Jenny, and we were with her several times thereafter, the ecstasy that the three of us felt was greater than three.

All in all, quite something to remember for a long time.