Written by Rob

26 Apr 2005

My wife and I have been married for a few years and since our experiences at the tattooist (where she had a pubic tattoo) and body piercer (where she had a vertical barbell through her hood) I have been thinking further about it all and can't get it out of my mind.

We are not swingers but I have surprised myself by being turned on seeing my wife exposed to strangers and touched in intimate places. I thought that I would be extremely jealous but wasn't - I just enjoyed the voyeurism of it all and since my wife seemed to enjoy it this made it highly erotic.

My wife is approaching her mid thirties (though looks mid twenties), tall, slim, with long dark hair, intelligent, very attractive looking, and piercing brown eyes. She looks amazing but is quite reserved when it comes to sexual matters and talking about it. Deep inside though I think she is more of a caged animal - too scared to let herself really go in case all hell breaks loose. I guess that comes with her being a scorpio.

Having said that she is reserved I have had some excellent voyeuristic experiences with her on the beaches on holiday - visiting a nude beach on holiday in the Canaries and other places. She always wears one of the many wicked weasel g string bikinis that I bought for her and says she prefers them.

One day in Cyprus (last year) we went to the beach and she had put on her tiny matt pink WW bikini bottoms and very tight bandeau top. I was amazed that she wore it because she said that it was too see thru at home. So we went to quite a crowded beach area near the harbour area. She removed her sarong to reveal the pink G string bikini which had a slight crease towards the lower part where the material followed her feminine contours. Lots of people were looking - both men and women. She asked me to put sun cream on her which I did, massaging it all over her body and occassionally slipping my fingers down the front of her briefs just an inch. She laid on her front whilst I rubbed cream on her bum and around the sides of her string - parting her legs slightly. We sunbathed for a while but it was too far hot so we went for a swim in the sea.

Getting of the sea was pure joy as the bikini had turned completely transparent - especially the bandeau top with her nipples clearly visible and erect from the cold water. There were dozens of Cypriot locals sat on the rocks just goping. When she laid down her bottoms had also gone see thru and you could clearly see her pubic tattoo and her shaven pussy. I commented that it had all gone see thru. She didn't have her piercing then but that's one too look forward too in the future. She wasn't bothered about the see thru ness. She said that she doesn't feel naked because there was material there even though it was now see thru with the water. I had to lie on my front to hide my semi erection.

Guys just kepy walking past looking with my wife not at all concerned. There was even some guys (about 17 or 18 y old) on holiday with their family messing with a video camera taking the occassionally sneaky movie until one of their mums told them off! I got some fantastic pics myself.

Back to sunny England we haven't had any further experiences of titilation (except for the one later and her piercing) but we do have a sex board game called Monogomy which we play now and again. It brings us out of our self and gets us talking about sexual stuff - which I like. With this in mind I was hoping that we could try to play such a game with another couple or guy - although I am not into other women - I would just like to see my wife titilated! I have bought a couple of other games - Dare Devil, Fantasy for Lovers, and Truth or Dare but we hadn't played them. She says that she isn't keen on the idea although then said maybe in a few years time when we are 40!

On one occassion however she was flirting with a friend of mine when we were at a club and told him that he could come back with us and stay over. She kept saying to him can he see her bum when she moves around because the ruffle skirt she had on was quite short. She also made a point of saying that she had got satin sheets for him in the spare room. She was drunk though and he didn't come back for one reason or another - I think that he would have liked to though.

And then **this** happened!!!...

We met up with a few friends last Saturday night in town with my wife wearing a very short black dress and a large cut in the middle showing off her cleavage which is quite impressive. The night went on and after lots of dancing it got late real quick. One of my friends there was single and a bit of a voyeur. He's a nice guy and we'll call him Bill for now to protect the innocent! My wife had been flirting with him and talking about sex after his inquisitive questioning. She then asked him back with us to share a few drinks at home and also for him to crash over. I said that it was a good idea and we left. The other couples there went home earlier and we were the last to leave.

We got home and poured out some wine before my wife put some music on. We sat drinking and chatting for about half an hour with my wife occassionally bending over to change the CD in the player. Each time she did this we got a flash of her black mesh g string. I could tell my friend had noticed and I wasn't sure whether she was doing it on purpose or simply drunk. We talked about all sorts of stuff with the conversation finally turning to sex again. My wife was talking freely about what she liked and didn't like which I think was getting Bill off - and me. I mentioned that we play a sex game between ourselves and that it would be a good laugh to play it. My wife said that I must be joking but since it also involved drinking and a lot of what we were doing now (talking about sexual stuff) there would be no harm in it. She agreed and said as long as you don't get any ideas about playing the "higher level" cards in the game.

So we set up the board game and I also added the Truth or Dare cards to be drawn when a certain square was landed on - just to increase the scope of things. We started off and my friend landed on a strip square. We had not decided what the plan was with the strip square but my wife encouraged him to take something off since we both wanted to play! Off came the socks so no surprise there. It was my turn and I landed on the same square - again, off came the socks. My wife then rolled the dice and landed on a question card which posed a question for the male partner - again we hadn't decided who was going to answer so we both said we would. The question was to tell her what was the most attractive part of her body. I said it was her pussy and she looked embarassed. Bill said that it was her boobs and said that they peeped out earlier tonight. Apparently the tape had come unstuck and she didnt think anyone had noticed that she was inadvertently flashing. The game went on with various more questions being asked and me and Bill both in our boxers. My wife had upto that point refused to take off anything since all she had on were her little black dress and g string so was hardly fair.

The dare cards started to come into play with my wife being told to suck on the ear lobes of another player for 5 seconds - we agreed that it should be to both of us which she did. As she reached over to kiss and nibble Bill's ear she put her hand on Bill's thigh. I saw a twitch in his pants - he was getting aroused. Next Bill landed a card which said he had to stand behind my wife and fondle her breasts paying attention to her nipples. My wife agreed reluctantly and said only above her clothes and not below. This was a sight to behold as he pressed against her with a semi erection in his boxers from behind whilst tweaking her nipples through the thin material of her dress. I had a hard on and didn't bother to hide it. Bill carried on massaging her breasts until she said ok thats enough. We carried on playing and eventually my wife stripped off her dress revealing her breasts and g string. She sat cross legged on the floor whilst me and Bill sat of the couch. We could both see her landing strip and tattoo through her knickers but didn't comment. I poured us some more drinks. Finally both myself and Bill removed our boxers with each of us sporting raging hard ons. My wife kept looking at our cocks and said that mine was longer than Bills but Bills was thicker.

My wife landed on another strip square but refused to remove her g string that I could see was getting damp in a small spot from the change in the material. She was liking this experience but never said she was. Next I ended up with a dare card that said all players to lick off a substance of their choice from the females but as there was only one we both had a go. It also said vice versa. Extra points were awarded to below the waist. I got a tub of yoghurt from the fridge and said that it would need to do and insisted that I went first. I said I was going below the waist and had my wife lay down on her back. I sat across her feet facing her and pulled her knickers down revealing her immaculate landing strip and tattoo of a fairy. She stopped me revealing her clit and labia and said thats far enough. Bill went for a close look at the tattoo and said fucking hell - when did you get that! She told him. Meanwhile, I put a dollop of yoghurt on next to her landing strip just above her half down knickers and went down on her. I licked slowly until the yoghurt had all gone. Next it was Bill's turn. He was quite embarassed and his stiffy was waving around like a don't know what! He opted for the nipples too shy to go low I guess or worried what I might say. A dollop on each and he sucked hard for about 30 seconds. As he did this I stroked my wifes inner thighs and she responded by opening her legs. I was going to spunk and pulled my forskin right back on my cock.

That one over we moved on to her turn to lick off something from the both of us. She got up and went to the kitchen returning with what was left in a bottle of tequila and the salt pot. She said don't get any funny ideas no one is getting a blow job you dirty buggers! She had me and Bill lie down and straddled us each in turn squashing our erections under her bum. She put the salt on each of our chests and licked it off after the tequila was downed. I thought that she has to be fucking horny now having been sat on another man's erect cock.

Next we ended up passing an ice cube from me to my wife to Bill and back again using our mouths and it wasn't long before she had to French kiss him for a dare for 15 seconds whilst sat straddled across him. I couldn't fucking believe any of this was going on. It was amazing seeing my wife so horny and going along with this crazy crazy game. Bills cock head was peeping out under the front of her g string and she was wiggling around a bit too much for my liking.

Then she got up and disappeared to the loo. Me and Bill had a quick conflab and he asked if I was going to be ok with all this and I said sure I love her and wasn't jealous - having this sort of thrill together was amazing. Bill said that she was soaking wet and could feel his cock on something very small and hard in her knickers. I said that this was her piercing. Bill just said wow!

She came back with a new pair of g strings on. We never said anything and she just said that she was getting a bit hot and sweaty. She had put on some tight pure red silk tiny frilly g strings with the bump of her piercing visible.

More drinks were poured and we carried on. This time she got a card that told her to let another player kiss a part of her body recommended by her partner (i.e. me). I didn't hesitate and told Bill to kiss her pussy but she said no way. You can do it over my knickers not below. She laid down again stumbling a little with all the booze and opened her legs. Bill went down in a flash and I watched him make her silk knickers wet with his mouth and tonge. She just moaned a little and commented how nice it all was. Bill's tonge spent a good minute around her clit where the piercing was before the timer ran out. She just laid there for a minute eyes closed.

I needed to come now and badly at this unbelievable spectacle I was part of. The next question was quite apt - it said for any player sporting a piercing to show it to the others. Bill said come on then I know you have one lets see it. Immediately she stood up and pulled her knickers to one side and opened her lips showing it off clearly. Bill said wow again and sat back down. My cock was dribbling now.

Next card was that I had to be identified by my wife from a series of other cocks using her touch alone. She said bog off at first but I said that may be it was because she didn't know me intimately enough - just as a challenge to spur her on. She said ok then I bet I can. She had to be blind folded for this one so we wrapped a T shirt around her eyes and tied it at the back. I said that she should kneel and we would stand and each of us place our cocks onto her hands for 30 seconds in turn - not telling her the order we went in. We did and Bill went first. She started by cupping his balls and squeezing them before moving her hand around his shaft continuing to squeeze. Then she pulled back hard on his cock and squeezed his bell end with her fingers of the other hand. Finally moving her finger tips around the end of his cock eye which was wet. She said this is a wet one and wiped the pre cum on her thigh. Bill withdrew and I went forward. She squeezed mine in the same sort of process until I withdrew. She said that she was now certain and asked for the first one again. Bill did and she started wanking him for 4 or 5 strokes before devouring it into her mouth, sucking the head and flicking it with her tonge. Fucking hell. Jesus Christ. I thought this can't be right. Then she stopped, removed the blind fold, and was shocked to see it was Bill. She thought she was sure it was me. She couldn't apologise enough to both of us saying that she was certain it was me and that she was proving it by putting it in her mouth! Then she said to Bill you lucky bastard your the only dick I've sucked other than my husband!

The game stopped after that but I couldn't stop wanking myself. My wife asked what I was doing and said don't make yourself come you'll need to sort me out later. I just laughed and said that I couldn't help it. We all sat on the couch with my wife inbetween us. I was still stroking myself and Bill had a semi. Bill asked if he could see her piercing again and started asking various questions about it. She stretched out her legs and opened them slightly before pulling across her knickers to reveal an erect swollen clit with a metal ball on top. Bill asked if could touch when he didn't believe her that there was a metal bar running under her hood. She didn't answer but he touched anyway brushing his fingers over it. Suddenly she said its better rubbing the bottom ball side to side and showed him guiding his fingers back and forth. This carried on for nearly a minute with my wife saying that she wanted to stop becuase he was making her come. It was a sort of half protest. Finally, Bill put his finger inside her and she came instantly on his finger whilst french kissing me. I carried on wanking until I came over my belly. Bill had done exactly the same but some of his come went over my wifes bare chest. She then pushed Bill's hand away and got up as if in a strop. She said that enough was enough and went to bed.

We haven't spoke about it since.