Written by Paul_j

30 May 2006

In the last episode Clair is in my living room having watched a frantic orgy in the flat opposite, we then start on each other. The story continues ………………

They are really nice I said quietly and looking at her boobs. I waited for a smile or a slap, but neither came just a reply that took me by surprise, “Not as nice as yours” she said and then she gave one gentle kiss on the top. What the hell I thought, I was so horny and I had had no one since John had gone two years before, I really was willing to try anything to move on from my tired old vibrator that he bought me for our tenth.

I shivered but could not hide natures reaction as my nipples stiffened and reddened. I cupped a breast and move it towards Claire who obliged with a wet suck, licking the end of my nipple and rolling her tongue around the little milk spots. Both hands came up to squeeze me and force as much into her mouth as possible. “Tenderly” I said and she eased to take a gasp of air and comment “God I’m wet”…….it needed no more, I just sank to my knees and pulled the remnants of my t shirt and bra off.

“You go for it” I said as I laid back to take what was coming, and she just dived into my cleavage like and experienced snowboarder her tongue glided down one side and up the other, then down again and a back flip triple hokey kookey onto my other nipple. This was wild but better still it was a boob 69 as luck or more accurately lick would have it. I was almost suffocated by her tits but I really did not care as they were soft and warm. Thinking like this I had a panic attack, had I turned the fondu off ? At the next parting I looked at the table to see that the chocolate fountain was still running and turned to low.

It would be a shame to waste it, there was plenty, Rachael had not come…….why not?

I pressed against Clair and managed to turn her so that I took the top position and facing her. Her boobs flattened but still looked fab, so without telling her I reached for the table and managed to grab a napkin. I shuffled a little further and scored a direct hit on the fountain with the end of it. Dragging across the table the chocolate left a distinctive train but I really had to give my mind a slap on thinking…..soak in vanish and regular 40…….much more important things were happening.

The chocolate soaked napkin came off the table and landed with a splat direly on Claires left breast…she gaspsed…..naturally, but it was plain chocolate and I love plain chocolate. It took me no time at all to lick her clean and all she could say was “I want some”. Now wet and heavier the napkin was easier to direct and into the fountain it went, across the table and onto my breasts. She was straight in there. The snow boarding was now in chocolate and I moaned, god did I moan. The warm chocolate, the fire on my back, her between my legs and her tongue dancing around my nipples. I really did not care as I squashed her breasts into my mouth, then into hers, finally she sucked one of mine as I sucked one of hers, still tasting the sweet chocolate and seeing the brown edges on Claires lips.

Ever since I was a child I have been able to roll my tongue into a tube and that tube came in handy as I speared Claires mouth with a single stab. I rubbed her hair and felt her tongue wet and probing in my mouth as I leant forward, however, my bliss was interrupted as I felt a hand rubbing my thighs and gradually going higher and higher…..realising it was one of Claires I offered encouragement by rubbing her hair more and pulling her closer still. My tights were new and unusually had not the gusset but they were fine, so I could feel everything as first one hand and then two worked towards the summit and my moist quim.

Releasing one of my hands from her hair, I reached between our legs and went straight for her honey pot. Her back arched, she pulled her hands back and she let out a stifled groan as I met her warm mound covered with a lacy fabric. Our mouths unlocked and we took a moment to look at each other to confirm approval before going further and much to my relief that lovely smile came out and said all that needed to be said without saying it……come and get it….you are welcome……be gently…….I don’t mind….It was clear that we needed each other that winter evening.