Written by dns

25 Jan 2007

My wife and I managed to get my mum to have our kids for the night so we decided to head into one of out local towns. As usual Sarah looked stunning and soon found out she was building up an army of admirers as we went in the first pub. There were lots of groups of lads and I could see them talking and eyeing Sarah up. It then dawned on me that one of our local sides had played a big match that day hence the groups of lads. The Police were out and at least one officer was at each pub in the town. I asked if Sarah was okay and didnt feel intimidated by the groups of which she said no. We had gone into about five pubs when I noticed a group of three guys in about there early twenty's commenting and looking at Sarah and I noticed Sarah smile back at one as there eyes crossed (sure sign she fancy's them). Sarah asked if there were any late bars in town of which I only knew of one so we decided to walk to it. We got in to find the same atmosphere and again groups of lads with only about six women to the eighty or so many lads already in. We found a nice large comfy sofa and sat down where we chatted and drunk freely. I asked if Sarah wanted to go of which she said no lets make the most of it babe's. I whipped of to the toilet and noticed on my return three guys facing the end of the bar near where we sat. I could see them turning around looking at Sarah then clicked!! It was the same three guys from the pub earlier whom Sarah smiled at. I sat back down and continued to talk to Sarah but noticed at times she was distracted by one of the guys. I said seen something you like honey which she replied mmmm I have babe and I think he likes me too!! I laughed and said a toy boy ay (she's 40) of which she said I do have a soft wet spot for them don’t I babe! We both laughed and continued to chat. Sarah nipped to the toilet as I sat there and I noticed the guy looking at Sarah shortly followed behind. I thought mmmm is he gonna try and get in with Sarah but said to myself well we have experience of threesomes so I shall leave her and see what she wants to do if he does. After about fifteen mins Sarah came down and said that guy talked to me as I was about to go to the toilet and basically said he thought she was fit and asked if she was happily married etc. She obviously told him yes but admitted she fancied him too of which he said well where do we go from here then. Sarah said I was a decent guy and approachable and said to him join us for a chat. Within about ten mins two of the guys left and the guy introduced himself as Gavin and said was he okay to sit with us, he asked what we were drinking then went to the bar. When he returned he joined on the other side of Sarah on the settee and leaned forward chatting to us both. He said as Sarah told you what I said and apologised if I thought it was bulshy. I said no probs in being honest mate. We all had a good laugh and chat about the night etc when I said to Sarah it was late and we needed really to head for home. Sarah said what do you reckon about letting Gavin join us for a drink back home which I knew meant she would be happy if I said yes. So I did, we caught a taxi outside and headed for our house. When there Sarah said make yourself at home and asked him what he'd like to drink. We chatted altogether on our settee when I noticed Sarah was sitting with her legs up facing Gavin which basically showed her knickers to him. Gavin's face was fixed on her as he mumbled to reply's to our conversation. I noticed him sitting awkwardly and spotted Sarah had seen his hard on through his jeans. Sarah stretched her foot over gavin as she held my hand and I watched as she rubbed it against his dick. Gavin placed his hand on top of her thigh and discreetly smoothed his hand up and down her leg. I watched as his hand disappeared under her dress and was obviously probing her knicker area! On this Sarah sighed out and looked at me with the look of he’s got his fingers in me. It was obvious what Sarah wanted now so I just started to undo her top as Gavin got more comfy to enable easier access to her pussy. I pulled her dress down releasing her bra for me to play with her tits. Sarah turned around to kiss me as I eased her bra off as Gavin continued to finger her. She was soaked as I could hear the noise as he dipped into her. As I leaned down to kiss her tits I noticed Gavin was lifting her dress around her waist as he started to roll down her knickers. By now Sarah was in heaven as she asked “which of you wants your cock wanking and which one sucking. Gavin I’d love you to suck me. Sarah stood up and took off all her clothes and walked to Gavin and started to unzip his jeans pulling them down his ankles. She kissed his helmet that was sticking up over his boxers then pulled them down exposing his thick cock. She eagerly licked and flicked his bell end making him really hard and thick then began to wank him as she slowly sucked on his dick. By now Id took my clothes of and had positioned myself behind Sarah probing my bell end at her soaking pussy. I continued to watch as she wanked him harder and sucked as fast as she could. I could see the look on Gavin face and knew he was about to cum, Sarah slowed down sucking him then clinched her lips around his fat cock as he heaved out and shot his cum into her mouth. She gulped as she struggled to swallow it all as he seemed to saty their for ages. Gavin said sorry Sarah I didn’t get chance to tell you I was a very heavy cummer as she seemed to be gagging as he still pumped into her. Finally he stopped just as I was about to ram my cock in from behind so just as Sarah got her breath I pushed her back down onto Gavin as I pumped hard into her . Sarah played with Gavin’s cock wanking him again as I fucked her hard asking if she enjoyed her supper. She said mmm yes but I want more babes fill my pussy up. On this I speeded up and kissed her face as she leaned down to suck Gavins cock again. I could see he was slowly getting harder as I slapped into her wet pussy. I gripped her hips as I got ready to empty my load, she responded by wanking Gavin harder in anticipation until whoooosh I fired off into her pussy. Gavin was rock hard again and as soon as I pulled out Sarah wasted no time in mounting Gavins cock which took him by surprise! She pushed down hard onto him sighing out as the thick cock stretched her wide. I could see her eyes rolling with delight as she expertly took over rocking and taking him deep into her. I watched for about twenty minutes as Gavin just layback in submission to her expert fucking techniques. I noticed his hands grip her arse. Sarah pushed down forcing her full body weight down to take his cock as he heaved out saying our fuck that’s superb as he pumped his load into her. Again he stayed in her pumping for what seemed like ages as Sarah commented oh fuck I think Im gonna explode if you cum anymore. By now I was ready for a fuck and watched as Gavin finally stopped heaving as Sarah climbed off. The cum poured from her pussy splashing onto Gavin and pouring down her legs. As she climbed off I took her hand and she kissed to thank me. I said I want to fuck you babes of which she said I need to clean up I replied no way and eased her to the floor as I watched both our cum (80% Gavin!!!) pour out but couldn’t help ramming my cock into her used sticky pussy. I fucked and said did you enjoy that then which she said you fucking bet babe!! I lasted about ten mins before pumping my load into her again. Sarah heaved out and said that’s good babe. We all lay on the floor for a few seconds both kissing her and fondling her tits when she said I really need to clean up and whipped to the loo. Gavin thanked me for letting him join us and said he’d love to do it again if we wanted to and promised he’d be discreet. Sarah returned just as he said it and before I could answer she said we’d love too. Gavin had got hard again as we talked on the carpet and asled Sarah if he could fuck her one more time before going. She teasingly said, no more now boy’s you will wear it out!! She said we’d better all get some sleep and said Gavin best call a cab. We had a coffee and chatted and promised to do it again. Sarah said I need to go bed guy’s and kissed us both saying thanks and said her goodbyes. Gavin shook my hand and said best fuck Ive ever had mate and looker really looking forward to next time but if we didn’t want to fine but again said thanks. After he’d gone I went up to be where sleeping beauty was well away in zzzzzzzzzzland well and truly fucked!!!!

PS Where we met Gavin two days later Sarah couldn’t wait and have now had him joining us very regularly, in fact weve now booked a weeks holiday together where me and Gavin intend to give her cock and cum on tap. She cant wait and is walking around with a permanent smile now!!