Written by alwaysagentleman

25 Dec 2005

Boxing Day football 2005

Debbie was not a great looking girl and to be honest when I first saw her I thought she needed a good meal, about 5, 8 surely only 7 stone she was very thin with small boobs. She did look good in a short skirt black tights cowboy boots and a skimpy tshirt covered with a furry waist coat her pal Sudarshan was a different prospect, late 20’s Indian with long black hair a strong handsome face rather than pretty face but deep brown eyes. She was wearing the tightest jeans I have seen for many years and this short parka with fur trimmed hood. She wasn’t fat but on the plump side large breasts.

Both girls are married and were with their husbands, Craig and Naveed having borrowed tickets for the game. I usually get freebies for driving the mini bus and there was 6 others in the 15 seater on a long journey home after a particularly poor boxing day draw.

I don’t mind who comes to the game but Debs and Sud were not really into football more the footballers, they chatted consistently all the way down and I was glad to move of for a pint with my brother and his wife before the game. Now Salli is a looker , tall thin and a tease but unfortunately for me not shown any interest in swinging and my brother is a bit straight for that as well.

Anyway got to the ground to find the two girls sitting next to me, they were cold and so huddled together, they got a lot of attention from the guys around me and so did I with offers to swap seats and cries of lucky basterd. Sud nearly got chucked out for actually responding to the usual fans request for the lads, and clearly liked the attention as did Debs who showed her legs off as much as possible, if the game had been more exiting I still don’t think many in our section would have had eyes for the pitch.

Debs and Sud were behind me sharing a bottle of white wine the heater was on full at their request and they began to complain about the heat. Well the Heater was stuck and their winter clothes weren’t helping and I suggested they took some off, Sud stood up and promptly dropped her jeans revealing her dark brown legs and the rest of her red and gold panties. that’s better she said and promptly sat down after loud cheers from the boys in the back. Debs was not happy and complained that she was wearing tights and no panties except for the modesty knickers on the skirt. This was new to me and I goaded her on, and she also stood up and pulled down the skirt with the attached panties, she then took off her tights rolling them down he long skinny legs, and one thing about debs is she doesn’t lie, She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up the lads got full vie of her arse but in the rear view I saw D newly shaved pussy. I nearly drove over the central reservation.

Well hubbies weren’t too pleased at first, but the glowing compliments from the boys soon changed their minds. A good deal of banter was going on with the girls being wound up about how their favourite had played like a dumpling this moved on to dares etc, both girls were kneeling on the seats giving me a view of their arses, Suds full round cheeks were framed in red panties whislt Deb skinny butt peeked out from under the skirt more and more as she hitched it up. The attached panties were too big for her and fell to one side and I could discern her crack if I concentrated. We stopped at the side of the road for a ‘comfort break’ as the yanks say we nearly toppled over as the boys tried to get a look the side mirror gave a great view of both girls squatting and the stem from their pish to a round of applause the girls got back on sud first her panties alittle damp and her nipples pushing through the material of her bra and top Deb got on wearing nothing but her tshirt which finished high above her waist. Her larg nipples pushed against her vest top but this may not be all to do with the cold. I pished myself, its Dave’s fault I did warn him and the skirt flew over to her husband, A resounding no came about to her question if she should put the tights back on and she moved over to sit on her husbands knee. He put his hand on her legs and pulled them open showing her naked shaved pussy. See I told you she had shaved it he said and its much better sex, he began to wank her off. A couple of guys reached over and seemed to be touching her as well she was going wild and she lifted up her top revealing small pointer breasts with large dark an erect nipples. Chrsit sake she hot I thought and the guys obviously agreed.

I saw Debs reach down and fiddled with Craigs trousers, she pulled out his cock stood a little positioning herself and then sat on him. Leaning forward she started to fuck him.

Craig and Naveed are very competitive and on previous trips they always got into argument about whose wife was the sexiest, they were good friends and certainly hinted at previously sharing des and suds when on holiday last year. Nav stood up and declared at how hairy pussy and Indian cunt was the best, Sud looked surprised but she had her hand down her knickers for about 10 minutes , she was pulled up and Nav pulled her knickers own I didn’t get proper view but saw various hands reaching around her bum and between her legs, I was desperate to find a exit but this stretch of the M74 didn’t have one and stopping in the hard shoulder with the local bobbies on patrol was too much of a risk.

AndI am not a selfish man said Naveed who wants a shag? All the attention moved to Sud as she on seat back went on all fours and the lads dropped trousers to have a go, the kucky guy was between her buttocks and I think it was John who clambered over the seat and from suds head bobbing up and down was getting a blow job.

This still left 4 naked guys with hard ons who turned to Debs, Craig was not too happy at first but Debbie let them lift her of and onto the rear seats her legs high in the air and the 4 lads took a turn each Craig and Nav watched both actions and after about 30 minutes the 8 of them had all joined in and swapped girls. There was some discussion about the benefit of shaved pussy and asian girls, and Jim even started reading the match programme and asked if th girls would autograph it.

I saw an exit but as I slowed down the boys complained they would be late home and the pubs would be shutting as I was the only one sober I had to drive. Both girls seemed happy enough to finish as well and I was very frustrated as the only thing I had my hand on for 40 miles was the gear stick.

So I dropped the guys of an watched Suds and Naveed walk of though I got a long sexy tongue sandwich from Suds it wasn’t great compensation. You are too old David she said I like the young boys.. Craig had the semi naked debs swung over his shoulder her naked arse and pussy still sticky with come staring at me, I’ve shagged her in front of Naveed sai Craig but first time she been fucked by others, fuck it was a turn on and he turned round so Dave I am taking her home for myself now, she likes men young as well. He was laughing but the look and blown kiss I got from Debs as she disappeared into the close made me think other wise.

Well I hope Janet is home I thought cause I need to tell someone about this…..but in the last 20 miles all I thought was what the hire drive people will say about the stains on the van seats.