Written by DOROTHY

28 Mar 2005

'See you later love.'he said with a nod of his head,same every week Saturday Morning away to the football.I have nothing against Football in fact it gave me plenty of opportunities!!!

After about 10 minutes, making sure he had well and truly gone I decide to have a quick hot shower you never know when oportunity arises so you need to be prepared!

The shower was fantastic hot jets shooting over my back and breasts rubbing soapy water all over body my fingers gently sliding into my hot tight pussy oh how good that feels,the water realy turns me on and i begin to fantasise about men touching and kissing me the water makes it feel so real.I quickly begin to orgasm.

Out of the shower i enter my bedroom all cosy and clean sheets all crisp and newly laundered,there is no smell like the smell of a fresh bed except the hot smell of mans cum.Standing in front of the mirror i touch myself then remember my reason for the hot shower,i open my box of underwear alsorts and colours I adore stockings and suspenders the feel of them against your skin is so powerful it excites me just choosing which to wear!!!I decide on my red bra and thong all soft and sexi aginst my body, black seamed stockings with fantastic soft lacy tops and fastening is such an horny experience i always fantasise about who or how they will be taken off..My red tartan kilt and an off the shoulder black top complete the outfit,my red straps inviting.

Knock Knock, 'just in time ' i think and walk downstairs after looking once more in the mirror and liking what i see.

'Come in' i quiver in anticipation, the door opens and there he stands all six foot of pure hard man.Practically before the door as shut are we carressing each other and i feel his hard cock pressing against my suspender.that feels so sexi i know he loves it has his cock shudders and i know he as released pre cum on that hot cockhead.mmm nothing tastes nicer than precum,we begin to walk toward the stairs but the backdoor is open so we detour into the kitchen necking all the way in.'Fuck it' i shout take me now and we drop to the floor stroking and pulling at our clothes the door still wide open the soft breeze kissing my thighs and making me fel like bursting.Pushing deeper he grunts and shudders puling back to hold off his orgasm so we can cum together, so thoughtful yet so dirty.

'Shush, what was that'and quickly i realise the other door is about to be opened. In he strolls 'Football cancelled today love, can i do anything for you' 'Yes i gasped come into the kitchen i need you now..........