Written by j and p

29 Nov 2004

Last week we posted an ad looking for a vwe guy to fuck my wife in both holes.As i thought we got a great number of replies as my wife is so gorgeous.After browsing the replies my wife selected a guy from surrey.He seemed to fit the bill perfectly he was white,his name was tom,good build and vwe and also seemed safe,which was important as having sex with the stranger can be dangerous.He said he worked in london and had just become single again.We exchanged photos and he confirmed my description of my wife and became very eager to meet up soon as possible.We arranged to meet at his place as we did not want to accomadate.Pam dressed up in her sexy outfit,white poloneck with long black skirt and underneath black bra and black thongs.During the journey we kept talking about what pam was going to do and this got me very hard and i couldnt wait to see pam get fucked.The journey lasted about one hour and we got there around 7.30 pm,it was dark and for discretion that was perfict.I got pam to knock on the door and when tom answerd his face lit up seeing pam on his doorstep.He quickly invited us in and offered drinks.We kept talking for about an hour and by now we all felt comfortable with each other.I asked pam to sit next to tom while i asked to go to the toilet.I think i had gone for only ten minutes and when i came back downstairs pam and tom were kissing and fondling each other,tom was kissing pam and had his right hand on her tits,while she was rubbing his crotch.I just took my seat opposite the pair and proceeded to wank and watch.Tom undressed pam in a very sensual manner he obviously wanted this to be very personal fuck,pam helped to unzip tom and like a pro she started to suck on his erect nine inch cock.He was very turned on because he was producing a lot of precum,but pam just kept sucking and taking a bit extra down her throat.I sensed tom was about to cum in her mouth but he managed to control himself and asked pam to stop as he now wanted to eat her pussy.He asked pam to spread her legs on the sofa while he got on the floor on his knees and gently began to lick pams semi shaven pussy .Pam started to groan out loud and she came quickly but tom just carried on licking pams pussy and then he asked her to turn over,i thought he was about to insert his cock and was about to step in and tell him to use a condom when he simply started to lick pams lovely bum.First one cheek then the other,he then parted her bum cheeks a little and ran his tongue from her pussy right up her crack,this sent pam in her second orgasm and by now she was in a daze,her eyes semi closed with pure pleasure.Tom asked pam to join him on the floor and he positioned her on her hands and knees,the fuck was about to begin.Before i could say anything tom said,"do you want me to use a condom or dou you want it without".Him simply asking that question turned me on further and i bgan to think,he said "dont worry you can trust me, im safe and i promise i will cum out side"while saying this he was rubbing his cock on pams crack and by now he was dribbling with precum.Pam just stayed in her position waiting for me to make my mind up.I then said "ok fuck her without the condom but dont cum inside please",and with that he started to fuck pam doggy.He at first was gentle with her but then started to get a little rough which turned pam on,slamming his cock harder and then holding her long her and the her hips.While fucking pam he was figering pams ass first the small finger then the thumb which sent pam into another orgasm.Tom was a good stayer and pumped pams pussy for a good 15 minutes and then he withdrew and got up over pam and aimed his cock on pams ass.He slowly inched his cock into pams moist bum and started fucking pam.The view i had was great the sort of thing you see in porno movies,i nearly shot my load but i wanted to cum when tom did so i kept wanking.Pams vacant pussy was oozing with liquid and her bum was very open now allowing tom fuck her harder and faster untill he started to grunt louder,this sent pam in high voice aswell and this magical scene was coming to a dramatic ending,suddenly tom withdrew his cock and sprayed tons of thick cum allover pams bum and back.After the fuck tom thanked us and said pam was one of the best fucks he has had and will love a repeat.We are not sure if we will as too much of this may catch up with us and bump into someone we know,but we will see.