Written by Drew

22 Sep 2003

Returning to Manchester along the snake pass last friday i spotted a car at the gate way to Hope Forrest with its 4 ways on. Being a mechanic i stopped to offer my assistance. I came upto the front passenger window and was greeted with the view of a female head bobbing up and down on her husbands fully inflated cock. Lick a rabbit caught in head lights i couldn't move. Eventually the husband tapped her head and she looked up and wound down the window. I started with my apollogies but she would have none of it. They were doggers who had been there for 20 mins hoping someone would stop to join them. I suggested we all go down the track to near the river. As we made our way down i got a good look at the pair of them. She was about 55 and maybe 5' 7" with G cup tits you could suffercate in and just a bit of a pot belly. He was 6' 1" pushing 60 and very over weight. Down at the river there is a large flat rock slab upon which she lay back and opened her coat. She was only wearing hold up stockings underneath and lace up ankle boots. He immediately slipped his cock into her swollen moist cunt and started pumping her missionary style. I stepped out of my track suit bottoms and stood next to her head slowly teasing my bell end around her face until she gobbled me up greedily. At 34 yrs of age i'd never had a woman as old as this suck on my cock, but, watching my dick slide in and out of that plump face with its double chin was really starting to turn me on. Eventually he came with a groan and pulled out. He then said "your turn boy". I at first i declined the offer as he'd been riding her bare back and i didn't want to stick my cock in a pussy that was oozing with spunk so recently deposited by another bloke but he pulled out one of those teliscopic sticks and whacked my bare arse with it which nearly caused his wife to swallow my cock whole from my knee jerk reaction. As weird as it sounds i was really starting to get turned on by the situation so with my arse stinging i moved round to between her legs and slipped the strongest erection i can ever remember having into her hot and extremely wet and slippery cream pie. I have a 7" dick so i'm not small but she was so moist and swollen that i kept slipping out Twice trying to get back in because of all the love juice slurping down her crack i accidently slid my cock into her arse which she absolutely loved but in the end i managed to cum inside her cunt and my warm spunk mixed with that of her husbands. When i'd pulled out she looked up at me and said that i had to clean her up now.....with my tongue! THWACK THWACK THWACK in rapid succession 3 blows struck my bare arse just in case i had any ideas about running. Kneeling down in front of her i could smell the sex. It was almost over powering. There was so much sperm oozing between her swollen beef curtains i could have filled a beaker with it. I moved in and had an idea. Concentrating on her heaving breasts, which were wonderful to look at, i started to lick all of that thick salty warm spunk out of her twat and store it in my mouth when i couldn't hold anymore in i turned in a flash and spat it in his face. Grabbing my track suit bottoms i belted up the hill and fled. Back in the car with a mouth full of mints i looked back on the incident and started to get another erection so if any older couples want to recreate this incident, but without the stick, give my a ring on 07766 483020